result from

result from (something)

To exist, emerge, or occur as a direct consequence or outcome of something. A dream job as an artistic designer on my favorite film franchise resulted from spending my spare time drawing fan art and sharing it online. In the end, very little actually resulted from all the heated debate surrounding the issue.
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result from something

to emerge from something; to be the outcome of something. It will be interesting to see what results from your efforts. Nothing resulted from all that work.
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Identical twins result from tiny genetic mutations within a developing embryo that lead one portion of the embryo to reject the other as foreign, causing the two to split, a researcher proposed last week at a conference of geneticists.
Fraternal twins and identical twins result from two separate processes.
To assist it in making this disclosure, management must assess the future material effects that will result from currently developing known and anticipated trends.
Indeed, arsenate can be reduced to arsenite at a comparable rate in cell systems, and the biological effect of arsenate may in part result from its reduction to arsenite (Huang and Lee 1996).
Force induced variations result from the way the calender is operated and from previous process steps such as feed mill operation and compound consistency from mixing.
Before any damage awards can be excludible from income, they first must result from a tort or tort-like action.
Location savings generally result from a decision to place a manufacturing facility in a foreign location after comparing costs at the foreign and domestic locations.
It seems to me that we should not have our financial statements relying on the extreme subjectivity and uncertainty that would result from predicting health-care costs decades ahead.
The analysis produces displacements, strains and stresses that result from a loading condition applied to the geometry.
731, the gain is considered to result from a sale or exchange of the partnership interest, and Sec.
Future net taxable amounts may result from (a) dividends, (b) liquidation of investee, or (c) sale of the investment.
Of greater significance, some very important property changes result from the incorporation of these particles in matrix materials.
This is jsut one example of the inequities that result from the daily proration method which taxpayers can use to their advantage.