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restrict (someone or something) to (someone or something)

1. To limit or confine someone or something to a narrow or specific selection, range, or group or people or things. Often used in passive constructions. We're restricting applications to people who live in the Pacific Northwest. The soldiers were restricted to just two items of food per day to make the rations last.
2. To limit or confine someone or something to a particular and limited course of action. Often used in passive constructions. Citizens are being restricted to post and share information on websites and social media platforms that have been approved—and censored—by the government. The new legislation restricts corporations to make financial distributions out of realized profit.
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restrict someone or something to someone or something

to limit someone or something to someone or something; to confine someone or something to someone or something. (The first something may typically refer to a choice or selection.) When choosing team members, we are restricting them to people they already know. We restricted the choices to Bill, Bob, or Ted.
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Tables 2-4 present the velocity of each segment, average velocity, and the corresponding objective function value at each restrictor height for the three WPCs, i.e., 40, 60, and 70 wt%.
"We went well in the morning and then, when we took the restrictor plate out for the afternoon, we lapped as quickly as some very fast drivers from the UK championship.
The electrical engine's rev is about 1300 rot/ min, and the worm restrictor permits a rev reducing gear of about 26 times.
NASCAR's solution was to mandate the use of restrictor plates at these tracks.
The labor and individual attention that each suspension component for a heavy duty truck required was turning the area into a restrictor of casting production and shipment, turning dollars into inventory.
"While leaving free the configuration and number of cylinders, the SAE Formula prescribes natural aspiration, a four-stroke cycle, a maximum 610 [cm.sup.3] displacement and a maximum 20 mm diameter inlet restrictor on the basic engine.
The brewer comes with three differently colored brew funnels: black for coffee, translucent (with an automatic steeping restrictor) for iced tea, and white for all other beverages (only water flows through this funnel, so there are no flavor residues).
This is planning, not as a metaphor for urban functions, a systematic organiser of forms or restrictor of change, defining static situations, but as enabler, placing functions within a weave of multiple interactions.
A shower head without a water restrictor uses twice as much water as a shower head with a water restrictor.