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restrict (someone or something) to (someone or something)

1. To limit or confine someone or something to a narrow or specific selection, range, or group or people or things. Often used in passive constructions. We're restricting applications to people who live in the Pacific Northwest. The soldiers were restricted to just two items of food per day to make the rations last.
2. To limit or confine someone or something to a particular and limited course of action. Often used in passive constructions. Citizens are being restricted to post and share information on websites and social media platforms that have been approved—and censored—by the government. The new legislation restricts corporations to make financial distributions out of realized profit.
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restrict someone or something to someone or something

to limit someone or something to someone or something; to confine someone or something to someone or something. (The first something may typically refer to a choice or selection.) When choosing team members, we are restricting them to people they already know. We restricted the choices to Bill, Bob, or Ted.
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Jaeger: Anyone who wants to control costs by restricting purchases to pre-approved items on a formulary can benefit, whether an individual facility or a group of facilities with a central headquarters.
Restricting prescriptions to a specific provider specialty is another management option, and one that was considered for Viagra, when prescriptions were limited to urologists.
87, Restricting the Use of an Auditor's Report, helps answer these questions.
In each instance, the SAS presents the rationale for restricting the use of the report.
On the other hand, emerging theories of sexual harassment and the need to implement prudent policies to prevent sexually hostile and abusive work environments counsel in favor of restricting certain co-worker relationships, particularly those between a supervisor and a subordinate.
Law enforcement managers should ensure that policies restricting employee relationships between women and men are stated clearly and are enforced consistently.(37) The policies also should be applied in an even-handed fashion, without considering the sex of the person.
POWER distributor National Grid was today fined pounds 41.6m for restricting competition in the UK's gas metering market.
The American Institute of CPAs auditing standards board issued a proposed Statement on Auditing Standards, Restricting the Use of an Auditor's Report, that provides guidance to auditors on restricted-use reports.
It does this by prohibiting the hiring of certain physicians, by prohibiting the enforcement of restrictions on certain physicians' discretion to end their employment with SMHS, by limiting SMHS's right to impose restrictive covenants on certain currently employed physicians who cease their employment with SMHS, and by prohibiting SMHS from restricting the access or admitting privileges of certain qualified physicians.
It's probable that several processes make people grow old, and that restricting calories may somehow affect them all.