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restrain from (something)

1. To resist or hold back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." I restrained from making snide remarks as he plodded through his utterly inept presentation. It can be hard for parents to restrain from doing everything for their children, but you've got to let them figure out how to function on their own.
2. To prevent or hold someone back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." We restrained her from making any further comments during the press conference. The federal court is restraining the company from manufacturing the controversial product until its safety could be verified without a shadow of a doubt.
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restrain someone from something

to prevent someone from doing something. I had to restrain her from hurting herself. I was unable to restrain myself from giggling at the wisecrack.
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The rabbit needs to be positioned by the restrainer in a manner which optimizes access to the epiglottis.
So of the contraries reason and energy, recast as reason and "desire" on plate 5, he says: "Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer or reason usurps its place & governs the unwilling.
large economies with modest trade) could serve as an enabler or as a restrainer for a firm to make these required changes.
Lessons include: PVC C-900 pipe installations; ductile iron pipe installations; coupling installations; service saddle and tapping sleeve installations; restrainer installations; service line pipe, stops and fittings installations; SDR-35 gravity sewer pipe installations; and an electrical conduit installation.
Its secret lies in its understated style and plain tailoring - that and a clever boned waist restrainer (made from 1950s knicker elastic!) which flattens the tummy and guarantees the wearer a stunning hour-glass figure without the need to spend the season denying herself mince-pies.
At 110 days of age, during the active (dark) cycle, animals were placed in a Plexiglas restrainer, and two blood samples (total volume, 500 [micro]L) were obtained from each animal by tail vein venipuncture, using a 23-gauge butterfly, one without added anticoagulant and the other containing EDTA.
Were it not for government enforcement of speed limits, child restrainer seats, and similar safety laws, there would be far less voluntary application of these logical safety procedures.
Nearly half of all the cattle in North America are handled in a restrainer system that she designed for meat plants, she said.
She virtually threw herself into the buggy, and started helping to do up the restrainer straps.
The heat source is an electrical resistance made of nicrome and the rats are placed in a restrainer that holds them in position.
The prisoner had been marched down a hallway naked, escorted by staff members of the opposite sex, and was then strapped face down to a restrainer board in a spread-eagle position.
It was Calvin who, late in his Institutes, first set forth the role of the magistrate as restrainer of monarchical or tyrannical power.(58) No longer was justice simply another name for the king's decree--the office of magistrate was entrusted to compare every edict with God's perfect standard of justice.(59) Unjust princes and rulers were to "be afraid" when faced with God's requirements of unchanging righteousness--the magistrates were to charge them with upholding justice; if the rulers disobeyed God, then the magistrates had the authority and duty to "withstand" such rulers.(60) Whether he goes beyond Calvin at this point is arguable, but what is certain is that Ramsey views all private citizens as magistrates.
The animal was removed from the breeding cage and placed in a glass tube (restrainer), in which one of its ends was similar in its shape and dimensioned to the anatomical shape and dimensions of rat's head.
Rats were kept inside the restrainer for 6 h per day for 21 consecutive days.
The rabbits were restrained in a plastic restrainer designed for rabbits (Insight Ltda., Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil) for two hours.