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Internally, design of the hotel is as restrainedly elegant as its exterior, with use of very few, carefully chosen materials.
This year, Fendi is set to launch a male version of Theorema, defined as sober and restrainedly elegant, while Avon will launch two fresh EDTs called Modern Balance and Intrigue.
All in all, Packer concluded, "the Supreme Court itself bears prime responsibility for having sanctioned the erosion of mens rea in what can be restrainedly described as an intellectually unsatisfying way." Id.
Stephen restrainedly manhandles a smaller man to whose type Forster bears a grudge, but he faces no "earthy" temptations (he has simply sworn off drink).
More restrainedly, McKnight comments: "Readers make sense....
Alessandrini has adopted the 1620 edition of the book, with continuo throughout - a sensible approach with this group, who seem to need the continuo to restrain them: it is also restrainedly performed by a single plucked instrument in each of the nonconcertato madrigals.