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restrain from (something)

1. To resist or hold back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." I restrained from making snide remarks as he plodded through his utterly inept presentation. It can be hard for parents to restrain from doing everything for their children, but you've got to let them figure out how to function on their own.
2. To prevent or hold someone back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." We restrained her from making any further comments during the press conference. The federal court is restraining the company from manufacturing the controversial product until its safety could be verified without a shadow of a doubt.
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restrain someone from something

to prevent someone from doing something. I had to restrain her from hurting herself. I was unable to restrain myself from giggling at the wisecrack.
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(676) But knowledge of any sort becomes irrelevant if the judgment creditor specifies the property that is to be restrained. (677) As redacted, the second sentence in section 5222(b) provides:
In background with food objects, reaction time in restrained eaters is more than that of unrestrained eaters.
The 38-year-old stopped breathing while being restrained, and an ambulance was called.
An elderly man traveling from Dubai to Chicago on flight EK235 on Tuesday had to be restrained, an Emirates spokesperson confirmed.
In March 2017, a court in Denver restrained Amira Ali from hate speeches and abuses directed towards Amum and family for a year.
New Delhi [India], November 3 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Friday restrained all 'Deemed to be Universities' from offering distance education courses without permission.
He hit a security in below the eye point he was and held police Kasbah "The second time it was his phone which hit a different member of staff on his leg and the third time he hit a member of security in the face just below the eye and at this point he was restrained and held and the police called."
The male was restrained by restrained by cabin crew with the assistance of other passengers.
Kingsley, left, 29, suffered a cardiac arrest after being restrained for a prolonged period of time with a towel over his head at the Oleaster Health Unit in Birmingham.
restrained as to property she presently possesses or debts (narrowly
He was restrained with CS spray and taken to the police station into custody.
HEALTH watchdogs are investigating claims elderly patients and a child at a Black Country hospital trust were locked up or restrained against their will.
Several longitudinal studies have revealed that restrained eating can predict the onset and maintenance of eating disorders (Stice et al.
Senior advocate Vikas Singh, appearing for controversial spiritual guru, submitted before the bench that media should be restrained from doing a trial otherwise he will not get a fair trial.