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restrain from (something)

1. To resist or hold back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." I restrained from making snide remarks as he plodded through his utterly inept presentation. It can be hard for parents to restrain from doing everything for their children, but you've got to let them figure out how to function on their own.
2. To prevent or hold someone back from doing something. A noun or pronoun is used between "restrain" and "from." We restrained her from making any further comments during the press conference. The federal court is restraining the company from manufacturing the controversial product until its safety could be verified without a shadow of a doubt.
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restrain someone from something

to prevent someone from doing something. I had to restrain her from hurting herself. I was unable to restrain myself from giggling at the wisecrack.
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Owolabi and two others in the suit prayed the court to restrain the defendants from interfering with issues pertaining to the party were also joined in the suit.
There is no longer any act that the Ombudsman or the DILG can restrain themselves from performing, all acts with regard to the implementation of the joint order already having been accomplished.
course, the restraining notice must restrain, which is precisely what it
This supports Herman and Polivy's (1980) notion that people who attempt to restrain food intake are often prone to relapse.
The two eligibility criteria for participation in the study were: being a nurse in a psychiatric unit and being eligible to restrain aggressive patients.
A Tensile test and a hydrostatic test of an assembled joint that uses Bulldog Technology to restrain the joint were also presented.
Pathologist Dr Alison Arm, told Sefton coroner's court that the degree of force used to restrain 28 year-old Gary Jenner had been "considerable.
They employed pepper spray to gain control of the combative male, handcuffed him, and "hog-tied" his legs to restrain him while they placed him in the rear of a police vehicle.
The appeals court held that the officers' acquiescence in the hospital nurse's request to help her restrain the arrestee during the catheterization process did not violate the arrestee's Fourth Amendment rights.