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restore someone's trust in something

 and restore someone's belief in something; restore someone's faith in something
to reinstate someone's belief, faith, trust, etc., in something. I knew that a good performance on the test would restore my parents' belief in me. Her faith was restored in the government.
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restore something to someone

to give something back to someone; to cause something to be returned to someone. I will restore the man's wallet to him after we lock the thief up. His wallet was restored to him by a police officer.
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restore something to something

to bring something to its original state. The state restored the park to its original condition. The government forced the mining company to restore the area to its original state.
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On the power side, the Environmental Defense analysis concluded that "the amount of hydropower that would be lost as a result of restoring Hetch Hetchy is dwarfed by the potential to save energy by improving efficiency.
In the Pacific Northwest, however, the Snake River has been used so intensively, in such a variety of ways, and for so many decades, that restoring the salmon habitat seems an extraordinarily complex task.
Work is focused on restoring the high-voltage transmission grid and the substations that feed electricity to local neighborhoods.
It was just published as ``A Chrysler Chronicle: One Man's Story of Restoring a Classic 1948 New Yorker.
Even without its considerable aesthetic and ecological values, longleaf would be worth restoring just for its wood, says Dean Gjerstad, a professor of forestry at Auburn University.
The restoration plan for Elders East and Elders West includes restoring the existing vegetated areas and the sheltered and exposed mudflats by placing fill material up to an elevation that is suitable for low marsh growth.
Ontrack PowerControls, mailbox recovery software, helps solve many of the difficulties involved with restoring and searching e-mail archives using Exchange as addressed above.
In the future, Baca envisions not only restoring the mural, but adding new historic chapters to it by using at-risk youths again and setting up a series of live and online dialogues to find out what city residents would like to see included.
This is equivalent to restoring an area four miles long by two miles wide.
Hollings will use the home recovery grant to repair the roof, restoring his home and his business.
It should be easy to locate and restore an individual e-mail message, appointment, or contact, as well as restore a single mailbox without restoring the entire application.
Restoring the mural would save more than just an important piece of art.
There isn't time to generate and test hypotheses in order to find proven practices for restoring health to forest ecosystems.
Recover Pro was the best solution on the market for restoring end-user devices quickly without additional media or on-site IT support.
Disk-to-disk solutions make the once dreaded task of restoring full bare-metal systems quick and easy.