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restore someone's trust in something

 and restore someone's belief in something; restore someone's faith in something
to reinstate someone's belief, faith, trust, etc., in something. I knew that a good performance on the test would restore my parents' belief in me. Her faith was restored in the government.
See also: restore, trust

restore something to someone

to give something back to someone; to cause something to be returned to someone. I will restore the man's wallet to him after we lock the thief up. His wallet was restored to him by a police officer.
See also: restore

restore something to something

to bring something to its original state. The state restored the park to its original condition. The government forced the mining company to restore the area to its original state.
See also: restore
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It is essential that you protect Exchange from a total system failure and are able to restore a complete Exchange database.
System Restore is buried deep in XP; it takes five steps to access it.
BitLeap[R], LLC today announced major upgrades to its Windows[TM] Restore Tool.
Inherent issues with tape--in particular, issues with data streaming (on the backup side) and multiplexing (on the restore side), as well as ongoing issues with drive and media reliability, and the increasing affordability and availability of SATA-based disk backup options, have led many users recently to re-evaluate their existing backup and recovery procedures and implement disk--either as virtual tape, as a disk backup/recovery target, or as a host-based option.
CA customers can gain faster and more reliable backups and restores while significantly reducing their backup windows.
They are very appreciative of the efficient restores that now take minutes instead of hours.
The flexibility of Diligent's ProtecTIER platform allows us to implement a high availability infrastructure, with no single point of failure, management capabilities and full transparency to existing backup and restore applications.
The software can directly read EDB files, so there is no need to do brick-level backups to restore individual messages and mailboxes.
Attached file backup - Enables DBAs to create and compress a backup file - including attachments - so that it may be restored as a single unit instead of having to do two or more separate restores.
Organizing media into Backup Sets, which are assigned a name and can be easily tracked for subsequent backups and restores, makes media rotation simpler for an SMB with limited skill.
Daily backups get gradually larger, but the restore time is minimized compared to full or incremental backups.
Next, the IT manager can restore the full backup tape baseline, followed by restores from all the incremental tape sets up to the desired point in time.
The full range of backup functionality is enabled for each VMware deployment with Asigra, allowing message-level restores for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Lotus Notes servers.
Leveraging low-cost ATA disk as the restore platform, and saving the last 2 weeks of data on that restore platform, means that restores can now happen from disk instead of tape.
VXA has been extreme-tested by independent labs under the most severe conditions -- including violent vibration, immersion in volcanic dust, boiling water and hot coffee, and even freezing cartridges in ice -- to assure reliable and complete data restores.