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restore someone's trust in something

 and restore someone's belief in something; restore someone's faith in something
to reinstate someone's belief, faith, trust, etc., in something. I knew that a good performance on the test would restore my parents' belief in me. Her faith was restored in the government.
See also: restore, trust

restore something to someone

to give something back to someone; to cause something to be returned to someone. I will restore the man's wallet to him after we lock the thief up. His wallet was restored to him by a police officer.
See also: restore

restore something to something

to bring something to its original state. The state restored the park to its original condition. The government forced the mining company to restore the area to its original state.
See also: restore
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The Message Level Restore (MLR) module, part of the industry's only agentless, multi-site backup and recovery software, allows users to selectively back up and restore individual mailboxes and email messages for one user or for an entire network, depending on needs.
Restores can take hours with even moderate amounts of data.
RestoreIT gives individuals and businesses reliable restore and disaster recovery capabilities," said Tom Fedro, vice president, sales and marketing, FarStone.
According to analyst firm Strategic Research, 87% of all restores are single-file recoveries, not full-system recoveries.
Exabyte's award-winning VXA Packet drives, autoloaders and tapes have always provided far superior restore integrity, greater capacity and faster transfer speeds than DDS.
The former requires backup and restore software, whereas the later requires disaster recovery software.
Patented technology makes Retrospect easy to administer, and only Retrospect delivers the fastest backups while still providing 100% accurate restores.
In day-to-day computer system management, the requirement to restore from a backup media, such as tape, online disk, UNC path, FTR CD-R, optical, etc.
GlassHouse Technologies recognizes the unique ability of CYA Technologies' software to preserve, verify and restore content and the complex relationships surrounding content in a Documentum environment," said James Damoulakis, vice president of consulting services for GlassHouse Technologies, Inc.
Restores can be completed in seconds rather than hours, and the restore risks and dependencies associated with tape are eliminated with a disk-to-disk approach.
Scheduled Backups and Restore Made Even Easier for the
More than 90% of restores are requested within 48 hours of a backup.
Local and remote client software installations and automatic client backup and restores can be easily administered across the network, all from one centralized management console.
But managing it is another story: Email administration tasks, like backups and restores, gobbles up 43% of IT support costs.
Derived from the same restore and backup technology of the company's award-winning ABSplus, the internal version automatically backs up the host notebook's entire hard drive and instantaneously restores data after a hard drive crash, all with little to no user intervention.