restore to (someone or something)

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restore to (someone or something)

1. To ensure that something is returned to the proper or rightful person. I'm trying to restore this antique to its original owner. We were finally able to restore control of the company to our family.
2. To return someone or something to an original or former state or condition. These smelling salts should help restore him to his senses. A group of master shipbuilders are working to restore an ancient 16th-century sailing vessel to its former glory. Restarting your device will restore it to its previous settings.
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restore something to someone

to give something back to someone; to cause something to be returned to someone. I will restore the man's wallet to him after we lock the thief up. His wallet was restored to him by a police officer.
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restore something to something

to bring something to its original state. The state restored the park to its original condition. The government forced the mining company to restore the area to its original state.
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References in classic literature ?
At length a groan from the hapless Edward (who alone retained any share of life) restored us to ourselves.
"From brute beasts you have restored us to the condition of men again."
To read Robert Gray is to sense and see with renewed vividness, as if there had been a scrim or barrier between ourselves and the world, and he has restored us to it by tearing away the separation.
Along came Maggie, who restored us to good health and gave the country its pride back.
Paul in Athens illumines the good news in at least three ways: The God who created the world has restored us to it.