restore trust in

(redirected from restore faith in)

restore someone's trust in something

 and restore someone's belief in something; restore someone's faith in something
to reinstate someone's belief, faith, trust, etc., in something. I knew that a good performance on the test would restore my parents' belief in me. Her faith was restored in the government.
See also: restore, trust
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We hope that the Washington legislature will follow Governor Gregoire's lead and work to pass this important pilot project in 2007 which will help restore faith in the judicial system.
CalCPA remains committed to ensuring that reforms are enacted which restore faith in the profession and our financial markets.
Swift and appropriate action to restore faith in the once highly-regarded lab is vital.
Already garnering accolades, Cherie was described by Billboard as "an artist to restore faith in music" and earned AOL Music Breaker status as an artist to watch.