rest against (someone or something)

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rest against (someone or something)

1. To lean or recline against someone or something; to be propped lightly against someone or something else. There's a big piece of sheet metal resting against the side of the barn that you can use. We took turns resting against each other while we waited in line.
2. To cause someone or something to lean or recline against someone or something; to prop someone or something lightly up against someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rest" and "against." We had to rest the injured soldier against the side of a tree while we scouted the surrounding area. You can just rest that mirror against the wall for the time being. Sorry, let me just rest this against you while I get the hooks drilled into the wall.
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rest something against something

to lean or position something against something, allowing it to bear part of the weight of the thing being rested. Rest the heavy end of the box against the wall and we'll slide it down the stairs. Please rest the board against something solid while you paint it.
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rest against someone or something

to lean against someone or something; to take a rest period positioned against someone or something. The child rested against his father until it was time to board the train. A fishing pole rested against the side of the garage, ready to go to work.
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References in classic literature ?
He sat still and passive, his head resting against the back of the wooden rocking-chair, his hands relaxed upon the arms.
Kutuzov sat up with one leg hanging down from the bed and his big paunch resting against the other which was doubled under him.
He had placed her upon the grass by now, her back resting against the stem of a huge tree.
I was surprised to behold resting against the wall the wooden shaft of Queequeg's harpoon, which the landlady the evening previous had taken from him, before our mounting to the chamber.
No word was spoken until we had left the city far behind, but I could hear the quiet sobbing of Dejah Thoris as she clung to me with her dear head resting against my shoulder.
Baynes was restless, pacing back and forth beneath the trees when he should have been resting against the forced marches of the coming flight.
Each girl sat down on her three-legged stool, her face sideways, her right cheek resting against the cow; and looked musingly along the animal's flank at Tess as she approached.
His back was resting against mine, and it seemed to grow colder and colder, till at last it felt like ice.
Crews were called to Marquis Road in Woodside just before 3am following reports of a burning pile of rubbish which was resting against a building.
Larry Marlow, aged 72, heard an "enormous bang" before going to the front door to find that he and wife Pam were trapped in by an upside down car resting against the front of his house in Fordbrook Lane, Pelsall.
Among the vehicles sustaining major damage was a Honda SUV that was resting against a guardrail west of mile marker 67.
Taking to Instagram, the 'Bodak Yellow' posted a snap of her and Offset resting against a blue Lamborghini Aventador and a green version of the luxury car, respectively.
According to the FAA, the Boeing 737 is resting against the perimeter fence after it skid of the runway.
He got out the bed and grabbed the old poker resting against the wall - then went to the landing.
Have the two kettlebells resting against the back of your wrist.