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On the memorable day of the Crucifixion he stood in this old doorway with his arms akimbo, looking out upon the struggling mob that was approaching, and when the weary Saviour would have sat down and rested him a moment, pushed him rudely away and said, "Move on!" The Lord said, "Move on, thou, likewise," and the command has never been revoked from that day to this.
When his deep-seeing eyes rested on me, I felt as if he were looking far ahead into the future for me, down the road I would have to travel.
If you think about it, your body is better able to do those exercises if you are properly rested. You need to have time to recover.
"So it's less of a concern with the non-English players, while Elliot will be away with the Six Nations so unless he is rested he won't get a rest."
We have proof God cares about rest because He Himself rested on the seventh day; and God's rest is available for people to enter.
Under the time-based rest conditions, subjects rested 60 sec between sets.