rest with

rest with (someone or something)

1. To reside or be vested in someone or something; to derive from someone or something. The power to shape government ultimately rests with the public, so long as they are willing to vote, that is. We all give our input during the selection process, but the decision ultimately rests with the CEO. The success of their product will rest with how competitive their pricing will be.
2. To place, vest, or endow someone or some group with something, such as power, authority, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rest" and "with." Your mother rested the authority to execute the terms of her will with you. I'll never understand why she would rest the power to shape company policy with someone who has no background in business or finance. We need to stop resting control of our economy with these heartless mega-corporations.
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rest with someone or something

to remain with someone or something; to be vested with someone or something. The final decision rests with you. The power rests with the board of directors.
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He prayed that, when he was dead, Nicholas would take it off, so that no eyes but his might see it, and that when he was laid in his coffin and about to be placed in the earth, he would hang it round his neck again, that it might rest with him in the grave.
She liked him, however, upon the whole, much better than she had expected, and in her heart was not sorry that she could like him no more;-- not sorry to be driven by the observation of his Epicurism, his selfishness, and his conceit, to rest with complacency on the remembrance of Edward's generous temper, simple taste, and diffident feelings.
For years, I replaced the cord that came with the arrow rest with my old bicycle cables and attached them to the limb with swedges.
Some years ago, Muzzy pioneered the containment drop-away rest with its Zero Effect Arrow Rest, and now the company has taken that concept a step further with its X-Celerator ($55) drop-away rest.
The stock sits in the rest with the pad against a web strap.
The studies compared strict bed rest with partial bed rest.
30pc: Moderate to severe symptoms at rest with possible weakness in hands and arms.
Recommendations for clinical practice This randomized trial of people with sciatica, comparing strict bed rest with activity as tolerated, found no difference between the 2 groups.
In fact, it almost becomes like a modified move-away rest with the right adjustments.
The Ultra-Rest comes with an extended thumb lever that allows the bowhunter to quickly and easily cock the rest with their thumb in a split second.
Look for an arrow rest with a slick composite or fleece coating on the launcher arm to ensure a silent draw.
My solution to taking a rest with a heavy recoiling handgun is twofold.
That eliminated the concern of damaging the rest with a cord that was too short.
* 7) Quality Archery Designs' Ultra-Rest is a drop-away rest with a deep-groove launcher that prevents your arrow from falling off the side and has a short bar that keeps the shaft from "popping" up off the rest.