rest with

rest with someone or something

to remain with someone or something; to be vested with someone or something. The final decision rests with you. The power rests with the board of directors.
See also: rest
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In fact, it almost becomes like a modified move-away rest with the right adjustments.
Some years ago, Muzzy pioneered the containment drop-away rest with its Zero Effect Arrow Rest, and now the company has taken that concept a step further with its X-Celerator ($55) drop-away rest.
Introduced last year, the Tri-Van Vanishing Rest is a total-capture rest with three support arms resembling tiny toothbrushes that hold the arrow in place as you draw your bow.
The studies compared strict bed rest with partial bed rest.
My solution to taking a rest with a heavy recoiling handgun is twofold.
0 is built on a new, innovative security concept, coupling high-speed encryption of data at rest with Vormetric's unique Context-Aware Access Control.
That eliminated the concern of damaging the rest with a cord that was too short.
Look for an arrow rest with a slick composite or fleece coating on the launcher arm to ensure a silent draw.
95), designed specifically for the Solocam bow, is a compact, lightweight rest with built-in Harmonic Damper.
7) Quality Archery Designs' Ultra-Rest is a drop-away rest with a deep-groove launcher that prevents your arrow from falling off the side and has a short bar that keeps the shaft from "popping" up off the rest.
Yet, once they are done, you'll likely have a quiet, extremely accurate arrow rest with good arrow capture.
The fall-away rest with an innovative arrow capture feature looks the same as it did in 2003, but internal components have been redesigned to assure trouble-free operation.
Essentially a two-prong rest with the inner arm removed, the Pronghom 3-D adjusts for center shot and is designed to be used in conjunction with a separate plunger mechanism.
But an arrow rest with good capture guides the arrow down its entire length by placing restrictions on left and right movement.
I fitted the rest with a set of the company's nifty Teflon-tipped launchers for a quiet draw and began shooting my Easton 2314s through paper to tune the rest.