rest in

rest something in someone or something

to place or vest something in someone or something. The board of directors saw fit to rest the power to hire and fire in the office of the vice president. The president rested the power to hire and fire in the hands of his son, who promptly fired all the top managers.
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rest in something

1. to be comfortable in something, such as a chair or a bed. I rested in the chair for a while and then got up and made supper. I will rest in bed until I feel better.
2. to be at ease in a particular condition or status, such as comfort or comfortable surroundings. I hope that you can rest in comfort for the rest of the night. We rested in the plush surroundings and then went back out into the hot sun to work.
3. [for something] to have its source in something. The source of her magnetism rests in the way she uses her eyes. His skill rests in his thorough training.
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While the leaders of the two parties PTI and PAT Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri went to rest in their comfortable containers parked at Jinnah Avenue and D-Chowk outside the parliament house leaving the workers uncared and unattended in the open sky without any facility of wash rooms and other such basic necessities of life.
Morioka noted that prevention is one of the most important steps an island visitor can take - ``not locking valuables in the vehicle, making sure you take only what you need for your excursion; not taking your whole household with you, locking the rest in the hotel safe.