rest from

rest from (doing) (something)

To stop doing some activity in order to recover one's physical or mental energy. We decided to rest from painting the house and have a cold drink in the shade. Why don't you come downstairs and rest from studying for a while.
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rest from something

to take it easy and recover from something. I need to take a few minutes and rest from all that exertion. When you have rested from your running, please come in here and help me.
See also: rest
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The Vanish ($130), a new drop-away rest from Octane Accessories, will look awesome on any bow.
I called Craig Yehle, a bright young engineer at BowTech, after I ran across the new Tripwire rest from Octane.
2 : freedom from activity or work <I need a rest from work.
This may require complete rest from exercise for a few days or possibly cross training with a different sport.
One solution to the problem is found in a patented steady rest called the Auto Rest from Arobotech Systems Inc, Madison Hts, MI.
No moving parts to wear out or to make noise and no cords to worry about, separate this rest from all others on the market.
The popular Dropzone fall-away arrow rest from Trophy Ridge has been improved, and a more economical version of the rest is also available for 2004.
With standard rests of yesterday your arrow essentially contacted the rest from tip to nock.
Like other such rests, an arrow can be threaded tip-first into the rest from the back.