rest against

rest against (someone or something)

1. To lean or recline against someone or something; to be propped lightly against someone or something else. There's a big piece of sheet metal resting against the side of the barn that you can use. We took turns resting against each other while we waited in line.
2. To cause someone or something to lean or recline against someone or something; to prop someone or something lightly up against someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rest" and "against." We had to rest the injured soldier against the side of a tree while we scouted the surrounding area. You can just rest that mirror against the wall for the time being. Sorry, let me just rest this against you while I get the hooks drilled into the wall.
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rest something against something

to lean or position something against something, allowing it to bear part of the weight of the thing being rested. Rest the heavy end of the box against the wall and we'll slide it down the stairs. Please rest the board against something solid while you paint it.
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rest against someone or something

to lean against someone or something; to take a rest period positioned against someone or something. The child rested against his father until it was time to board the train. A fishing pole rested against the side of the garage, ready to go to work.
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References in classic literature ?
"I have passed through many lands and isles and countries," he says, "and now am come to rest against my will." And so to find comfort in his "wretched rest" he wrote his book.
Dearly, however, did my father purchase the praise of a zealous friend; and yet did his proof of loyalty to Henry fall far short of what I am about to afford; for rather would I assail a whole calendar of saints, than put spear in rest against C ur-de-Lion.
He has been in rigid bondage so long that the large liberty of the university life is just what he needs and likes and thoroughly appreciates; and as it cannot last forever, he makes the most of it while it does last, and so lays up a good rest against the day that must see him put on the chains once more and enter the slavery of official or professional life.
As he talked, he forgot to smoke, and, leaning quite casually against the chair, with arrant carelessness allowed the live coal at the end of his cigar to rest against the tip of one of Kwaque's twisted fingers.
Daughtry," Walter Merritt Emory went on enthusiastically, while he held the steward's eyes with his and while all the time the live end of the cigar continued to rest against Kwaque's finger, "the older I get the more convinced I am that there are too many ill-advised and hasty operations."
She gave a contented little sigh, and let her head rest against his shoulder.
The collision involved a silver VW Polo and a black Citroen C1 which came to rest against a post.
Dramatic pictures showed one lorry with its windscreen smashed after it had came to rest against the central reservation.
However, separation almost always occurs after the bullet comes to rest against the offside hide, making it a non-issue.
HARRY Kane will resist any temptation to rest against Belgium as he continues to chase the World Cup golden boot.
In the prevailing soft ground, I'll side with Son Of Rest against Ardhoomey in the five-furlong Kilfrush Stud Abergwaun Stakes.
Jane's study showed that 42% of all ISIL fighting in Syria was against Assad-backed forces, with just 17% against the Kurdish YPG, and the rest against rival militant factions, including the Turkish-backed groups and al-Qaeda's al-Nusra Front group, Anti War reported.
The clips rest against the drywall, automatically squaring the door with the wall.
Khanzada informed a total of 57 complaints had been registered, 37 against Ashraf Ghani, three against Abdullah and the rest against security forces.
In Division One, a midweek game ended in a close 1-0 victory for The Travellers Rest against The Coachman - Scott Revell the goalscorer.