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hold (someone) responsible (for someone)

To deem someone accountable for something; to blame someone for something. I don't care if Vince is trying to blame this blunder on his staff—I hold him responsible. Who do we hold responsible for this blunder?
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responsible party

The person, group, organization, country, etc., that is liable for something, the source of something, or the authority over someone or something. If you take a piece of equipment out of the office, you are the responsible party should something happen to it. The investigation identified several banks as responsible parties in the start of the financial crisis. It is the responsible party's duty to be aware of and understand the benefits and limitations of the insurance policy before making a claim.
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hold someone accountable (for something)

 and hold someone responsible (for something)
to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone. I hold you accountable for John's well-being. I must hold you responsible for the missing money.
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hold someone responsible

(for something) Go to hold someone accountable (for something).
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responsible party

the person or organization responsible or liable for something. I intend to find the responsible party and get some answers to my questions. Mary sued the responsible party in the car crash.
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Who is right on this question will ultimately depend on how we define the terms of the equation, that is, 'responsibleness' (which was relatively simple at least until the 2013 Act) and malice (which is less straightforward).
Its 'depth', as the very name entails, is one of responsibleness. The leading pre-codification attempt on the part of English courts to flesh out what this means was made by Lord Nicholls in the Reynolds case itself, when he set out his 10-pronged test in the House of Lords.
A complication, however, involved the fact that the leading judicial attempt to articulate what responsibleness or diligence meant in that context, Lord Nicholls' above list of ten relevant factors, had a tendency to be treated by lower courts as cumulative hurdles, thereby lowering the standard of liability and, as a result, effectively emptying the defence of at least some of its practical efficacy.
While the subject-matter to which this responsibleness standard applies would go through important evolutions, the narrow scope of the 1909 Act being considerably expanded in 1974 and then pressed into service, in an unintended way, for the protection of media defendants having published a matter of public interest to the world at large, the requirement of a reasonable ground to believe the matter to be true remained remarkably stable.
Viktor Franki eloquently makes the case that responsibleness" is the essence of the human condition.
Life is about responsibleness. It is a search for meaning and purpose, a committing to something or someone outside of yourself.
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