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hold (someone) responsible (for someone)

To deem someone accountable for something; to blame someone for something. I don't care if Vince is trying to blame this blunder on his staff—I hold him responsible. Who do we hold responsible for this blunder?
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responsible party

The person, group, organization, country, etc., that is liable for something, the source of something, or the authority over someone or something. If you take a piece of equipment out of the office, you are the responsible party should something happen to it. The investigation identified several banks as responsible parties in the start of the financial crisis. It is the responsible party's duty to be aware of and understand the benefits and limitations of the insurance policy before making a claim.
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hold someone accountable (for something)

 and hold someone responsible (for something)
to consider someone responsible for something; to blame something on someone. I hold you accountable for John's well-being. I must hold you responsible for the missing money.
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hold someone responsible

(for something) Go to hold someone accountable (for something).
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responsible party

the person or organization responsible or liable for something. I intend to find the responsible party and get some answers to my questions. Mary sued the responsible party in the car crash.
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These pilots have also helped to identify how the program can achieve a key aim - to drive Responsible Business in every hotel and corporate office.
The Living & Leading Responsible Business training program consists of two pillars.
Because the buyer is responsible for loss or damage during the "main carriage" CFR shipments would be insured under his ocean cargo policy.
The first edition of the Navigator of Responsible Lending - India seeks to set the standards of responsible lending in India, identifying the key parameters and creating an industry-wide institutional matrix and tool for self-regulation that will serve as the defining contours for responsible lending.
In his inaugural address, Abrar Ahmed said, 'Our Responsible Care implementation towards establishing basic infrastructure in Pakistan has led us to be inducted into the International Community of chemicals associations, federations, and councils, however a lot needs to be done towards implementing this important initiative in Pakistan.'
Both announcements were made at the Wales Responsible Business Awards 2016 dinner in Cardiff hosted by Lucy Owen from BBC Cymru Wales.
The company was the winner of Principality Building Society's Responsible Large Business of the Year for its commitment to responsible business and the company's success in embedding responsible business practices throughout their operations.
The survey also found that 61% of investors say their advisor did not bring up responsible investing over the past 12 months.
"BMO Global Asset Management is honoured to join the Responsible Investment Association and is committed to incorporating ESG principles in the investment strategies we offer.
In his opening remarks, Emir said, "It is very important for us to remember that finance does not exist in a vacuum and you can't have responsible finance in an irresponsible economic and political environment.
“Our goal is to bring balance and perspective to this process,” said Kathleen Cordova, Chairperson of Citizens for Responsible Trails.
The awards, coordinated and managed by Business in the Community (BITC), are the UK's longest running and most robust responsible business awards programme.
Critique: After an informed and informative introduction, "The Responsible Leader" is organized and presented in three major sections: A Fresh Response: Outlining the Case for Responsible Leadership; The Organizational Response; A Visionary Narrative.
203, Clinton, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs (or community service); unregistered motor vehicle, not responsible; uninsured motor vehicle, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs (or community service).
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