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the finger of responsibility

The strongest blame of having done something wrong. Most often followed by "points at (someone or something)." According to recent polls, the finger of responsibility is pointing squarely at the president for the recent economic downturn. We must be careful not to place the finger of responsibility on anyone at this stage, as we don't have any facts or evidence yet.

with great (something) comes great (something else)

When one comes to possess or wield a large amount of something, a large amount of something else is bound to follow or must also be reckoned with. Modeled on the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" from the Spider-Man media franchise. It's true that you want for there to be a lot of excitement around your next product, but it's also true that with great expectations comes great pressure to deliver on them. A: "There's just a lot of risk involved in a business decision like that." B: "True, but with great risk comes great opportunity."
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The purpose of this research is to study the relationship between nurses' social responsibility and the quality of nursing services in the educational and treatment centers of the Hamadan University of Medical Sciences in 2015.
The first theme, 'Mechanisms for the Sustainability of Social Responsibility Programs', included a working paper entitled 'Policies and Mechanisms to Ensure the Effective Implementation of Social Responsibility Programs'.
Satu Ahomaki, SVP, Global Sales will, in addition to her current area of responsibility of sales of human pharmaceuticals, take the responsibility for Proprietary Products business division.
Responsibility peculiarities defined in the legal theory (in the literature of the Soviet period) define responsibility as a measure of state enforcement based on legal and public censure of an offender and expressed in the establishment of certain negative consequences in the form of personal or proprietary restrictions.
** Seven of these Committees have just one other responsibility, generally over benefits or director compensation,
During the closing ceremony, Sheikh Faisal and a big number of the audience signed the "Al Faisal Social Responsibility Agreement."
Recently the concept of social responsibility has been addressed in the context of healthcare delivery (2).
The first session, themed "Social Responsibility: Culture and Concept," will touch on the Sultanate's efforts in relation to cementing the principle of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its role in the development in a bid to find a new definition for social responsibility in the Sultanate.
In other words, organizations need to pay attention to the social responsibility, to be able to maintain or improve their status in society, in a way that will sustain them and their success at work.
Against Moral Responsibility. Cambridge, Mass.: The M.I.T.
The third Saudi Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility is being held from today with the support of Makkah Gov.
Several issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Saudi Arabia will come under the spotlight at the third Saudi Forum for Corporate Social Responsibility that opened in Jeddah today.
PPG Industries received the CSR Award--Special Prize for the third consecutive year and was named one of the top 100 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies in China at the 2012 China Social Responsibility Annual Forum in Beijing.
Through ten years of contentious debate, the responsibility to protect has proven to be both one of the most promising recent developments in international affairs and one of the most disappointing.
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