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the finger of responsibility

The strongest blame of having done something wrong. Most often followed by "points at (someone or something)." According to recent polls, the finger of responsibility is pointing squarely at the president for the recent economic downturn. We must be careful not to place the finger of responsibility on anyone at this stage, as we don't have any facts or evidence yet.

with great (something) comes great (something else)

When one comes to possess or wield a large amount of something, a large amount of something else is bound to follow or must also be reckoned with. Modeled on the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" from the Spider-Man media franchise. It's true that you want for there to be a lot of excitement around your next product, but it's also true that with great expectations comes great pressure to deliver on them. A: "There's just a lot of risk involved in a business decision like that." B: "True, but with great risk comes great opportunity."
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