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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

A pleasant, tingling-like sensation that some people feel upon experiencing certain sensory stimuli, such as whispering or tapping. Commonly abbreviated with the initialism "ASMR." A: "No wonder they started just saying "ASMR"—"Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" is too much to remember!" B: "Yeah, and thank goodness it feels way better than it sounds!"
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gut feeling

An intuition or instinct, as opposed to an opinion based on a logical analysis. Jennifer's mother had a gut feeling that something was wrong when her daughter wasn't home by 10 o'clock.
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gut response

A reaction to a situation based on a person's instinct and feelings, rather than on a logical analysis. My initial gut response was that the merger would result in a drop in stock prices, but the opposite turned out to be true.
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how do you do

A question asked, often rhetorically, upon being introduced to someone, especially in a more formal setting. Ah, Margaret—it's lovely to meet you—how do you do? A: "How do you do?" B: "I do just fine, and you?"
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beyond some emotional response

in too extreme a state to feel or care. Do what you want. You have hurt me so much, I am beyond caring. The dying patient is beyond feeling. It doesn't matter now.

gut feeling

 and gut reaction; gut response
a personal, intuitive feeling or response. I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. My gut reaction is that we should hire Susan for the job.
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How do you do.

a standard inquiry and response on greeting or meeting someone. (This expression never has rising question intonation, but the first instance of its use calls for a response. Sometimes the response does, in fact, explain how one is.) Sally: Hello. How do you do. Bob: How do you do. Mary: How do you do. So glad to meet you, Tom. Tom: Thank you. How are you? Mary: Just fine. Your brother tells me you like camping. Tom: Yes. Are you a camper? Mary: Sort of.
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how do you do

A conventional greeting used mostly after being introduced to someone, as in And this is our youngest-say "How do you do" to Mr. Smith. Although it is a question, it requires no reply. Originally, in the 1600s, this expression was an inquiry after a person's health or standing, how do you do meaning "how do you fare?" Today we usually express this as How are you? or How are you doing? or How goes it? or How's it going? Even more general are the slangy locutions How are things? or How's tricks? All of these greetings date from the first half of the 1900s.
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ˌhow do you ˈdo

(becoming old-fashioned) used as a formal greeting when you meet somebody for the first time. The usual reply is also How do you do?
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