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respond to (someone or something

1. To issue a verbal or written answer or reply to someone or something. I spent my entire first day back from vacation just responding to emails that had been piling up. Mary is obviously still angry—she won't even respond to me.
2. To act in response or in answer to someone or something. There are a number of ways we can respond to this injunction. My father believes you have to respond to a bully with force.
3. To elicit a reaction, especially a positive one, to a particular person or stimulus. We're pleased to see that your body has been responding to the new treatment methods. Our baby daughter doesn't really like to be held by most people, but she really responds to my mother-in-law.
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respond to someone or something

1. to answer someone or something. Would you please respond to me? When are you going to respond to my letter?
2. to react to someone or something. You have heard his presentation. How would you respond to him? I need you to respond to the points in the report by the end of the day. The police responded right away to the riot call.
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Major international sporting events such as Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup, political summits, mass migration, terrorism, and a region's overall technical capacity will continue to influence first responder C3I spending through 2025.
'First responder agencies are looking at solutions that allow for easy integration with other agencies.
The President was joined by more than 200 individuals affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including more than 60 first responders, at the White House Rose Garden ceremony, CNN reported.
Working with Sierra Wireless, the leading provider of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), Panasonic engineers built the AirPrime EM7511 Band 14-compatible module into the TOUGHBOOK 33 and TOUGHBOOK 54 and will continue to integrate this module into a diverse range of TOUGHBOOK devices, including 2-in-1 devices, tablets, and other hardware solutions trusted by first responders around the globe.
Weldon founded One World for Life because he recognized that the best way to change the paradigm of a disaster was for the world's first responders to work together to share their knowledge and expertise to predict and prevent disasters.
Volunteer Coordinator and Responder Safety Consultant West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Center for Threat Preparedness
The point where the pink responder will be stationed shall be evaluated within two months depending on the areas from where DCAS mostly receives reports.
GOODSAM Responders will be alerted when a member of the public dials 999 in the Northeast to report a suspected cardiac arrest or triggers an alert via the GOODSAM Alerter app.
Arguing that the best way first responders can prepare for, react to, and mitigate an accident is with training outside their traditional responsibilities and understanding of other first responder agencies' terms, methods, and procedures, Bennett, a law enforcement officer and volunteer firefighter, discusses the training that civilian, non-traditional and other miscellaneous volunteer responders like security guards and airport personnel, and professional responders should be given.
"So if you have a complete early virologic responder who is negative for disease at 12 weeks, then the optimal duration of therapy appears to be 48 weeks.
GAO identified five important lessons from the experience of the WTC health programs that could help with the development of responder health programs in the event of a future disaster.
Mean hemoglobin Aj values in early responder diabetic patients fell by 1.6% from a baseline of 7.9%, a full 0.5% greater reduction than in early nonresponders.
First responder officer Tony Rossetti said: "Every second counts when you are trying to save someone's life and community first responder schemes are hugely beneficial in assisting the ambulance service to provide the best possible prehospital care for patients.
In the sustained responder group, 91 (83.5%) patients remained disease free throughout their follow up, while 15 (13.8%) had late virological relapse (LVR) as shown in Figure-1.
In addition to providing training courses, we co-ordinate local Responder Schemes throughout remote and rural Scotland and work closely with Scottish Ambulance Service.