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respond to (someone or something

1. To issue a verbal or written answer or reply to someone or something. I spent my entire first day back from vacation just responding to emails that had been piling up. Mary is obviously still angry—she won't even respond to me.
2. To act in response or in answer to someone or something. There are a number of ways we can respond to this injunction. My father believes you have to respond to a bully with force.
3. To elicit a reaction, especially a positive one, to a particular person or stimulus. We're pleased to see that your body has been responding to the new treatment methods. Our baby daughter doesn't really like to be held by most people, but she really responds to my mother-in-law.
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respond to someone or something

1. to answer someone or something. Would you please respond to me? When are you going to respond to my letter?
2. to react to someone or something. You have heard his presentation. How would you respond to him? I need you to respond to the points in the report by the end of the day. The police responded right away to the riot call.
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Moreover, a child found alone may not respond to an officer's efforts and consolation because they are quite content to stay where the officer found them.
* the individual may not respond to verbal commands or sounds;
The senior tax persons were asked to respond to the same two questions.
These cells are in a lower brain area called the dorsal horn of the medulla, but are comparable to cells found in the spinal cord that respond to pain elsewhere on the body.
In each test, whether the monkey was to respond to the heat or the light cue, the scientists applied the same amount of heat to the monkey's face.
Police agencies decide easily how to respond to cases with clear indicators about what happened, such as dealing with a witnessed stranger abduction, a runaway who packs a bag and leaves a note, or a very young missing child, which police generally investigate whatever the circumstances.
Many law enforcement agencies began to explore new ways for officers to respond to domestic violence calls.