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respond to someone or something

1. to answer someone or something. Would you please respond to me? When are you going to respond to my letter?
2. to react to someone or something. You have heard his presentation. How would you respond to him? I need you to respond to the points in the report by the end of the day. The police responded right away to the riot call.
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By doing that, Smith said, it increased the number of routine calls, but also freed up officers to respond to those crimes considered the most dangerous to the public.
the autistic person may respond, "John" because that was the last choice of the sequence.
To respond is actually no more than to be with the person or the situation, to bring our whole selves into that moment.
The Respond solutions are also widely deployed in government organizations which will create opportunities for cross-selling the Pivotal CRM applications, as well as other enterprise software and consulting service offerings from CDC Software.
The City Council is considering legal action, citing false advertising, against a security company's posted claim that the Los Angeles Police Department no longer responds to burglar alarms.
Many law enforcement agencies began to explore new ways for officers to respond to domestic violence calls.
In each test, whether the monkey was to respond to the heat or the light cue, the scientists applied the same amount of heat to the monkey's face.
Given the highly volatile nature of the electronics marketplace and the level of flexibility Benchmark provides to its customers, Benchmark sought the ability to respond more rapidly to customer scheduling changes.
Toshiba Europe GmbH chose Kinaxis RapidResponse to improve the company's ability to respond to changes in demand and supply.
RESPOND named five industry professionals to manage its Wedding, Home, Legal, Cosmetic Surgery, Fitness and Business to Business marketplaces, the company announced today.
State Legislators, as Part of YES for Democracy Network, to Use VIP Responses to Urge Fellow Legislators to Respond to Issues Important to 18-to 30-Year-Old Americans
Be Home Wise(TM), the homebuilding industry's only prospect manager application that automates lead tracking across multiple new home web listing sites, today announced an exclusive partnership with Respond.