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respond to (someone or something

1. To issue a verbal or written answer or reply to someone or something. I spent my entire first day back from vacation just responding to emails that had been piling up. Mary is obviously still angry—she won't even respond to me.
2. To act in response or in answer to someone or something. There are a number of ways we can respond to this injunction. My father believes you have to respond to a bully with force.
3. To elicit a reaction, especially a positive one, to a particular person or stimulus. We're pleased to see that your body has been responding to the new treatment methods. Our baby daughter doesn't really like to be held by most people, but she really responds to my mother-in-law.
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respond to someone or something

1. to answer someone or something. Would you please respond to me? When are you going to respond to my letter?
2. to react to someone or something. You have heard his presentation. How would you respond to him? I need you to respond to the points in the report by the end of the day. The police responded right away to the riot call.
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When an officer responds to the scene of a complaint of possible child abuse and observes an adult wrestling with a screaming, struggling, red-faced child, the officer must use split-second judgment.
Surprisingly, there were 30 companies for which the CEO responded but not the senior tax person.
Not all of the respondents answered each question but most responded to nearly all of the questions.
Law enforcement officers who respond immediately after a violent episode may find an abusive perpetrator who appears extremely calm and rational.
When the IADLEST survey questioned whether States tested the reading level of recruits prior to or during academy training, 17 States responded that they test recruits prior to training, and 8 test during training.
12:19 a.m., officers responded to West Boylston Street for a loud music complaint.
12:31 a.m., officers responded to Gerardo's Bakery, on West Boylston Street, for trespassing, two arrested.
11:24 p.m., an officer responded to F&S Motors, on Main Street, for a suspicious male operating a moped; verbal warning given.
12:23 a.m., an officer responded to Tahanto Regional Middle-High School, on Main Street, for a suspicious vehicle.
8:55 p.m., a officer responded to Odd Fellows Home, on Newton Street, for an open door.
6:34 a.m., an ambulance responded to the Worcester County House of Correction, on Paul X.
12:44 a.m., an officer responded to Prospect Street for a civil dispute.
12:44 a.m., officers responded to Western Avenue for a person running through a yard.
1:36 p.m., an ambulance responded to Oakdale Rehabilitation Center, on North Main Street, for a person with chest pains.
During the week of May 27 through June 1, officers responded to four motor vehicle accident and five alarms.