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respect (someone or something) as (something)

To have a feeling of deferential admiration, esteem, or appreciation for someone or something as a particular kind of person or thing. I really respect him as an author, but he just an insufferable jerk in person. You can't help but respect the film as a technical achievement, with effects that are far more impressive than anything we've ever witnessed before.
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respect (someone or something) for (something)

1. noun A feeling of deferential admiration, esteem, or appreciation for someone or something. I have a huge amount of respect for my parents now that I'm a parent myself. You've got to have respect for a company that can create such revolutionary products.
2. verb To have a feeling of deferential admiration, esteem, or appreciation for someone or something because of a particular reason or aspect. I really respect you for how you handled that bully in class today. The engineer respected the machine for its ingenious design.
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Victual Respect: Behaviors directed towards respecting prerogatives held by elders with regard to the liking and consumption of foods and drinks, e.g., serving foods and drinks of elders' choice.
In response to the challenges from social changes, East Asians are modifying their ways of respecting elders.
The forms may be interrelated in their meanings and practices, however, each of them seems to reflect an altruistic action which demonstrates a particular way of respecting elders.
This result would seem to justify considering them in terms of a single summary of the ways of respecting elders (Larson, 1978).
Notwithstanding some reservations respecting the substantial detail (and attendant costs) apparently mandated by the U.S.
Prior to the APA initiative by the United States, Revenue Canada had been reluctant (and, indeed, had refused) to issue rulings respecting intercompany transfer-pricing.
In Germany, which has issued elaborate administrative guidelines respecting transfer-pricing, advance rulings have been available since 1990.
In light of the many difficult and slippery issues that arise in dealing with the rather simplistic tax law respecting transfer-pricing, the advent of advance ruling procedures should prove to be overall beneficial to both taxpayers and tax authorities.
Respecting learners enough to let them forge their own understandings has always been a tenet of progressive education, which emphasizes "the continual and sympathetic observation" of students' interests (Dewey, 1964, p.