respect as

respect (someone or something) as (something)

To have a feeling of deferential admiration, esteem, or appreciation for someone or something as a particular kind of person or thing. I really respect him as an author, but he just an insufferable jerk in person. You can't help but respect the film as a technical achievement, with effects that are far more impressive than anything we've ever witnessed before.
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respect someone as something

to admire someone as something. I respect you as a friend and supervisor. We respected them all as colleagues and coworkers.
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Among their topics are the notion of respect in ancient Greek poetry, Plato on respect and what "belongs to" oneself, human interaction in the state of nature: Hobbes on respect for persons and self-respect, the extend to which the view of respect as the foundation of human rights can be attributed to Kant, and the cardinal role of respect and self-respect for Rawls' and Walzer's theories of justice.
People who happen to be Hindus are to be treated with exactly the same respect as Muslim, Christians, Buddhists, Aboriginal peoples, men or women.
The view that does receive popular support is that elder respect is "being courteous and obedient to elders." Elder respect as colloquially described has been characterized by emphasis on these general principles.