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resound through(out) something

to roar, noisily, through a space or an enclosed area. An explosion resounded through the busy train station. An explosion resounded throughout the busy train station.
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resound with something

[for something, such as the air or a place] to be filled with sound or sounds. The hall resounded with the sounds of the orchestra. The house resounded with the laughter of children.
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The victory in front of a loud crowd at Filoil Flying V centre was so resounding, it not only sent the Lady Eagles soaring into a second straight victory, it also exposed problems pestering inside the Lady Falcons' nest.
The Three Fiddles gave a great performance to upset The Ship, Brotton, and gain revenge for a defeat earlier in the season, while King George V Bowls Club were on shot with a resounding win at The Boosbeck.
The Saturday election proved to be a resounding victory for a man who spent seven years in exile and another five in opposition waiting for his chance to govern again.
Muscat: After a resounding success of the inaugural double wicket tournament, Rising Kokan CT have announced that they will host the second edition of the double wicket tournament which will be held on May 17.
Your statement that "The people of Wales have delivered a resounding Yes" is a complete distortion of the truth.
Salva Kiir was Friday sworn in as Southern Sudan's first elected president following a resounding election victory last month, according to dpa.
Summary: Political leaders cutting across party lines congratulated the team of Slumdog Millionaire for its resounding success at the Oscars Awards ceremony.
A survey carried out by the team showed a previous CCTV drive was a resounding success, with 100% of cabbies questioned saying they felt the system had improved their own safety while at work, whilst 96% felt the system had been of use in gaining evidence in criminal incidents.
Mathematics professor John Stillwell (University of San Francisco) presents Yearning For The Impossible: The Surprising Truth Of Mathematics, a fascinating tour through the history of mathematics and the resounding impact new conceptual discoveries have made upon human civilization.
Mr Mittal said: "I am delighted at this result which is a resounding endorsement of the strategic logic and value of the merger of Mittal Steel and Arcelor.
This is what happens when so many faith communities keep saying "no" even though we keep hearing a resounding "yes" from our higher power, God, our creator--that still, small voice deep inside telling us we are loved and cherished.
And, by the time the smoke from the final fireworks cleared and the last of the weary fans caught their flights out of town, the efforts of these behind-the-scenes heroes would prove a resounding success.
All in all, this year's meeting was a resounding success.
Open Cup with a resounding 5-2 victory over the Minnesota Thunder in front of an announced crowd of 4,373 at Home Depot Center.
Since the resounding defeat of the Soviet-style European Union constitution at the polls in France and The Netherlands, three minuscule European nations--Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg--have ratified the pact.