resound through

resound through (something or some place)

1. To fill or be heard throughout something or some place due to (someone's or something's) great volume, pitch, or ability to project. The singer's voice resounded through the halls of the stadium, right out into the parking lot. The sound of gunfire has been resounding through the streets since the rebellion began.
2. To be celebrated, talked about, or made famous throughout some place or thing. The war hero's achievements have resounded through the country since they were first reported. Cries for the prime minister's resignation have been resounding through the land for the last few months.
See also: resound, through

resound through(out) something

to roar, noisily, through a space or an enclosed area. An explosion resounded through the busy train station. An explosion resounded throughout the busy train station.
See also: resound, through