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resound through(out) something

to roar, noisily, through a space or an enclosed area. An explosion resounded through the busy train station. An explosion resounded throughout the busy train station.
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resound with something

[for something, such as the air or a place] to be filled with sound or sounds. The hall resounded with the sounds of the orchestra. The house resounded with the laughter of children.
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The company's ReSound LiNX2 line is an Internet-connected hearing aid, connecting to the Internet to locate misplaced hearing aids.
GN ReSound said that the total purchase consideration is made up of two components: an up-front payment of USD 91m and earn-out payments of up to USD 60m, which depends on the companyA's financial success going forward.
From today until the end of the season, Prenton Park will resound to the sound |drums being played on the Upper Kop End
ReSound LiNX represents the next step forward in hearing aid technology.
GN ReSound's CEO Lars Viksmoen said that the ReSound LiNX device underlines the company's core strength of bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired, making them consumers with choices rather than patients with challenges.
Sales in the audiologic unit GN ReSound landed at DKK841m with a 9% organic growth.
GN ReSound selected Talus after encountering difficulty closing timing while meeting low-power requirements on a critical design with its previous tools.
PolyOne has announced the initial launch of its Resound platform of biopolymer compounds.
2 : to sound loudly <The organ resounds through the hall.
They play at Rick's at Nailcote Hall tonight, but, alternatively, Resound, Spotlight Kid and The Four Kings can all be seen tomorrow at The Colosseum, in Coventry.
It is estimated that there are more than 9,000,000 people who are hard of hearing in the UK, says the firm, GN Resound.
There is a lot of detail that will be of less interest to the non-professional political scientist or student, and some disputes and theses that will not resound for those who are not immersed in the sometimes arcane controversies.
GN ReSound has entered a long-term supply deal with Audigy Group, as well as a contingent deal to buy the company.
5 May 2011 - Danish hearing-aid maker GN Store Nord A/S (CPH: GN) raised today its 2011 revenue guidance to "more than 7% organic growth" from "more than 6% organic growth" on the back of the successful launch of the wireless hearing aid ReSound Alera.
M2 PHARMA-October 13, 2010-GN ReSound sweetens bid for US Otix Global to USD64.