resort to (something)

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resort to (something)

To choose some choice or course of action that is less desirable or favorable than something else. This is meant to be an open, productive debate—let's not resort to name-calling and mud-slinging. We resorted to using an older, less reliable version of the software to finish the project. I'm confident we can find a solution to this issue without resorting to violence.
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resort to something

to turn to something that is not the first choice. I hope they don't resort to a lawsuit to accomplish their goals. She will resort to anything to get her way.
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resort to

To adopt some less desirable course of action due to difficult circumstances; have recourse to something: When the electricity went out, we resorted to heating water in the fireplace.
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In diplomacy, a last demand before resorting to concessions.
Traditionally, just war doctrine has offered a number of now-familiar considerations for determining the justifiability of resorting to war and the attendant propriety of one's actions in prosecuting war: Is there sufficient cause to justify going to war?