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resonate with (one)

To produce or evoke an appealing feeling of familiarity in one. The show has achieved such huge success because its themes resonate with adults and children alike. It's clear that the book series has been resonating with readers around the country.
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resonate with (something)

1. To carry the sound of some lingering acoustical force. The entire house resonated with the sound of his music. The streets resonated with gunfire, keeping residents in a perpetual state of fear.
2. To be in agreement, harmony, or conformity with something else. It seems suspicious that the notoriously authoritarian country is suddenly proposing a peace agreement that resonates so closely with what the global community has been requesting. The description of the course really resonated with what I wanted in a Medieval English Literature class.
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resonate with someone

Fig. [for an idea, issue, or concept] to appeal to someone or cause someone to relate to it. The concept of wearing worn-looking clothing seems to resonate with young people. Your notion just doesn't resonate with the public in general.
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resonate with

1. To sound with some particular tone: The house resonated with the final chime of the grandfather clock.
2. To correspond closely or harmoniously with something: My ideas for the film resonated with what the producers had in mind.
3. To evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief with someone: His book mostly resonated with young adults.
4. To feel shared emotions or beliefs with something or someone: Everywhere she speaks, millions resonate with her message.
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Many students who have attended Resonate in the past have been returning, with many having attended each year so far.
Every era gets the art it needs--or deserves--and it stands to reason that a different kind of work resonates now than when the International opened four years ago.
They argued the narrative that most resonates with Americans involves the rescue from evil of a helpless group by a powerful outsider who eventually disappears.
"After all, what could resonate more with veterinarians than their own experiences and the emotions that result from helping clients' well-loved pets?"
Resonate Commander Solutions 2.0 is a solution that allows enterprises to manage and maintain service level objectives for e-business applications and Web Services including monitoring the distributed e-business environment and assure that applications are available and performing satisfactorily.
California-based Resonate Inc has unveiled version 2.0 of Resonate Commander Solutions, its service level management system for e-business applications and web services.
Through this technology, called TCP data stream processing, Resonate Central Dispatch can inspect any incoming TCP application data stream and then route traffic accordingly based on the identity of the requester, what information is being requested and what medium they are using to request the information.
And I resonate with the Sufi tradition, the mystical branch of Islam.
Resonate Inc has completed a $13m round of financing.
Each marker is a passive resonate circuit with no internal power source.
Resonate Total Gaming, is back at SEC, Glasgow from October 19-21.
Organisers of the weekend music service, based at Notre Dame Catholic College, in Everton, and provided by Resonate Music Education Hub, confirmed in the summer that they were looking at a "new approach" because of reduced funding, increasing costs and declining numbers.
But in order to create meaningful brand experiences, we need to consider the following questions: Does a person need to be physically present for a brand experience to truly resonate? Does it require literal communal participation?