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resign from (something)

To officially remove oneself from a job or position of responsibility or authority. The chief resigned from the police force following allegations of departmental corruption. I'll be resigning from the board of directors next month.
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resign (oneself) to (something)

To accept that one must do, undertake, or endure something. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will be hated by my peers, but I stand by my decision to act as a whistleblower. He once had artistic aspiration, but he's resigned himself to a career of office drudgery.
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under fire

1. In the state of being attacked by gun or artillery fire. If you get too close to enemy territory, you could come under fire.
2. Subject to intense criticism or judgment. The company came under fire after allegations surfaced that the CEO had misappropriated funds. You will definitely come under fire if they find out that you were responsible for the printing error.
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resign from something

to make a written statement that removes one from an office or position of employment. Andy resigned from the fraternity. I will not resign from my job. You will have to fire me.
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resign oneself to something

to accept something reluctantly. I finally resigned myself to going to Mexico even though I didn't want to. Mary resigned herself to her fate.
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*under fire

Fig. during an attack; being attacked. (*Typically: be ~; resign ~; think ~.) There was a scandal in city hall, and the mayor was forced to resign under fire. John is a good lawyer because he can think under fire.
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under fire

Criticized or held responsible, as in The landlord is under fire for not repairing the roof. This expression originally referred to being within range of enemy guns; its figurative use dates from the late 1800s.
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under fire

1 being shot at. 2 being rigorously criticized.
2 1993 Albuquerque (New Mexico) Journal Zoe Baird, under fire for hiring illegal aliens to work in her home, has withdrawn her name as President Clinton's nominee for US Attorney General.
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resign to

To submit oneself passively to something; give in to doing something: Everyone had left for the movie, so I resigned myself to washing the dishes.
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under fire

1. Exposed or subjected to enemy attack.
2. Exposed or subjected to critical attack or censure: an official who was under fire for mismanagement.
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During a press conference on Wednesday evening, AK Party deputy chairman and spokesman HE-seyin Ecelik said Prime Minister Erdoy-an will not resign from his post as he competes for the presidency.
In addition, Ecelik wrote on Twitter on Friday that calls on the prime minister to resign during his election campaign are efforts by the opposition parties to "find an excuse for their [potential] disappointment" in the August election.
According to the Law on Presidential Elections, passed by Parliament and put into effect in January 2012, the prime minister can be nominated for the presidency without having to resign from his post.
The law, however, states that judges, prosecutors and other members of the higher judiciary, academics at universities, members of the Supreme Education Board (YSK) and the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTE[pounds sterling]K), civil servants working for state institutions, mayors, officers and noncommissioned officers, heads and members of provincial and district councils of political parties, members of municipal city councils and administrators and employees at state banks have to resign from their posts once they become presidential candidates.
In late November of last year, the YSK announced that ministers who occupy a post in the government need not resign to be eligible to compete in local elections.
After the announcement, Prime Minister Erdoy-an said it was not a legal requirement for the ministers to resign but it would be "ethical" for them to do so if they wish to run in the local polls.
Former Justice Minister Oltan Sungurlu told Today's Zaman that the debate over whether the prime minister should resign during his presidential election campaign or not stems from a gap in the law.
MHP Deputy Chairwoman Ruhsar Demirel agrees the prime minister should resign for an equal and fair competition of presidential candidates.
To do so would mean that no one can resign without the permission of council.
You may have to look to these codes to see if there are any provisions that state whether a chief or councillor can resign and how they can do this.
He concluded that, under the circumstances, it would be in the best interest of Sara Lee shareholders for him to resign from the board.
She also said she didn't resign because of the school's internal investigation into the football program.