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reside in

some place to dwell in some place. I reside in a small apartment in the center of town. The Wilsons resided in a large house on a hill.
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reside in someone or something

to be a property or characteristic of someone or something. I never knew such anger could reside in such a calm person. The finest acoustics that can be found in the world reside in this hall.
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reside in

1. To dwell in some place permanently or for an extended period; live in some place: I resided in Chicago during the 1990s.
2. To be inherent in something or someone; exist in something or someone: These teaching methods will unleash the enormous potential that resides in these children.
3. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: By the authority that resides in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
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reside with

1. To dwell in the same house or premises with someone permanently or for an extended period: My mother resides with us during the winter.
2. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: In the end, the final decision resides with my supervisor.
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In 1828, New York City's free black community opened the Female School located on Mulberry Street in order to accommodate young black girls residing in the upper parts of the city.
Sequential dance instruction for children and youths residing in C.
Our second question was, what percentage of children born in 1995 and residing in housing built before 1950 was screened in 1996-1997?
Giving breakup of the residing Afghan refugees in the country, he said 987,299 Afghan refugees are still residing in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The aforementioned presumption creates the following situation; a child under the age of seven, residing in a pre 1960 apartment is diagnosed as lead poisoned and is reported to the Department of Health.
Del Sur students residing between 60th and 70th Streets West and Avenues L and O would be shifted to Joe Walker Middle School.
Helium is made in the stars, and the sudden presence of a large amount of it led the observers to conclude that a star had come to grief -- that is, had been torn apart by the gravitational field of a black hole residing in the center of NGC 5548.
When connected directly to the X1 Enterprise Client, WebMessenger Mobile Search enables authorized users to search X1 indexed content including email, contacts, calendar and documents residing on their desktop as well as information indexed on corporate servers, from a BlackBerry(R) device from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM).
Proposition 211 does not limit shareholder claims to companies residing in California--companies that reside anywhere in the United States that have shareholders in California also would be targets.
Formerly homeless families, how income families and persons residing within Harlem's Community Board 10 will reside at 2852 Frederick Douglas Blvd.
Example 6: Assume the same facts as in Example 4, except that C is a Canadian citizen who is residing in the United States.
Residing on the MM-333D and serving as the data source, the Xpedite1000 processor mezzanine card utilizes a 440GX PowerPC and runs Windriver's(R) VxWorks(R) Tornado(R) 2.
In addition, these events validated our position that No Borders can target specific areas when marketing its offerings by looking at the connections or common corridors between a specific area in the United States where immigrants reside and a specific area abroad where their families reside, illustrated by the significant number of Mexican immigrants from Tlacolula, Oaxaca Mexico residing in or near Venice, California.
Tejeira is a Panamanian citizen residing in Panama.