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reside in

some place to dwell in some place. I reside in a small apartment in the center of town. The Wilsons resided in a large house on a hill.
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reside in someone or something

to be a property or characteristic of someone or something. I never knew such anger could reside in such a calm person. The finest acoustics that can be found in the world reside in this hall.
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reside in

1. To dwell in some place permanently or for an extended period; live in some place: I resided in Chicago during the 1990s.
2. To be inherent in something or someone; exist in something or someone: These teaching methods will unleash the enormous potential that resides in these children.
3. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: By the authority that resides in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
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reside with

1. To dwell in the same house or premises with someone permanently or for an extended period: My mother resides with us during the winter.
2. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: In the end, the final decision resides with my supervisor.
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They hold that the brightest quasars are fueled by supermassive black holes, the gravitational monsters that reside in galaxies a trillion times as massive as the sun.
tall, 700-lb statue resides at the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts.
In addition, any renovation work disturbing over 100 square feet, anywhere in the building where a child under seven resides, must be filed with the DOHMH.
The clumps in Vega's disk could be signs that a planet with a highly elongated path resides at a distance from its parent similar to that of the solar system's outer planets, Holman and his colleagues suggest in an upcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters.
This class of device resides on an I/O channel rather than an internal memory bus as does expanded storage.
Contained in this bill is a presumption that in a building built before 1960, where a child under seven years of age resides, any peeling paint is presumed to be lead paint.
The researchers lack a crucial bit of information--the star's distance from Earth--but they know the object lies in front of a gas cloud that resides 400 light-years away.
If neither spouse resides in their previous principal residence, they both may lose the rollover and exclusion opportunities.
00, depending upon the geographic region in which the individual resides.
By measuring the period of a Cepheid and its apparent brightness, astronomers can deduce the distance to the star and to the galaxy in which it resides.
A graduate from Housatonic Community College, Beaudwin currently resides in Derby, CT.
Using antibodies that bind to BRCA1's protein, Lee and his coworkers discovered that it normally resides in the nucleus.
2-meter University of Hawaii telescope atop Mauna Kea, however, show that the galaxy resides several hundred light-years from the quasar--far enough away that the brilliant powerhouse doesn't disturb the faint body, McMahon says.