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reside in

some place to dwell in some place. I reside in a small apartment in the center of town. The Wilsons resided in a large house on a hill.
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reside in someone or something

to be a property or characteristic of someone or something. I never knew such anger could reside in such a calm person. The finest acoustics that can be found in the world reside in this hall.
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reside in

1. To dwell in some place permanently or for an extended period; live in some place: I resided in Chicago during the 1990s.
2. To be inherent in something or someone; exist in something or someone: These teaching methods will unleash the enormous potential that resides in these children.
3. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: By the authority that resides in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
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reside with

1. To dwell in the same house or premises with someone permanently or for an extended period: My mother resides with us during the winter.
2. To be vested in something or someone, as a power or right: In the end, the final decision resides with my supervisor.
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Further, since most programs reside on back-end servers, end-users access to the latest application versions is virtually instantaneous.
Gypsologists estimate that approximately 1 million Rom Gypsies currently reside throughout North America.
The right to reside in Denmark will lapse unless doing so would conflict with Denmark s international obligations.
At the April meeting, astronomers debated whether enough gas resides in Beta Pictoris' disk to have such an influence.
Bevack and his family currently reside in Highland Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.
The contract is for services related to the collection and management of municipal waste from the owners of property on which they reside residents and those that do not reside residents and municipal waste generated from the area of ?
Contained in this bill is a presumption that in a building built before 1960, where a child under seven years of age resides, any peeling paint is presumed to be lead paint.
According to theory, no star heavier than 80 percent of the sun's mass should reside in an ancient globular cluster.
Best estimates indicate 10% of all digital data reside on disk or online storage while roughly 90% resides on removable and mass storage technologies.
Proposition 211 does not limit shareholder claims to companies residing in California--companies that reside anywhere in the United States that have shareholders in California also would be targets.
a Nevada Corporation, is in the business of providing financial services and products that include a debit and stored value card platform through which a variety of financial and commercial services and products can be offered to residents of developing countries and to immigrants from those countries who reside in the United States and send money back home on a regular basis.
Some emit pulses of X rays as they snare matter from a companion; others reside alone and emit radio wave blasts powered by a strong magnetic field.
One spouse transfers his or her interest to the other spouse, who continues to own and reside in the house after the divorce.
Even those Cepheids are too far for Hipparcos to obtain accurate, individual distances, but by averaging results, the researchers found that the stars reside farther away than previously estimated.
Contract notice: Collection and management of waste from the community jumping from the owners of property on which residents reside and from property owners that do not reside residents and municipal waste generated.