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all rights reserved

A line usually included alongside original art or content that highlights the ownership of the material and forbids unauthorized reproduction, i.e., all rights and protections afforded by extant copyright law(s) are reserved by the author or owner. While I don't know if it gives me more legal protection, I feel better having "All Rights Reserved" below everything I write online.
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reserve (something) for (someone or something)

1. To set aside, keep back, or save something for someone, something, or some future point or event. You should always reserve some of your income for an emergency. Sorry, I'm reserving this seat for a friend. Be sure to reserve a cup of the pasta's cooking water for your sauce.
2. To instruct or request for something to be set aside for someone, something, or some future point or event. I reserved a table for us at the restaurant tonight. We reserved the conference room for our meeting. I've reserved the bikes for the next three days.
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This feature should definitely be analysed and interpreted within the context of the insularity of the author and his characters, of the underlying Victorian values at work in Conan Doyle's prose, of which reservedness and "keeping oneself to oneself" were informing in exercising social relationships: in discussing the cultural aspect of personality disorders and with direct reference to schizotypal personality (Veague, 2007: 28), it is argued that "[a] potential problem in diagnosing schizotypal personality disorders is to mistakenly pathologize behaviors that are endorsed by a cultural group.
dissimulation in transacting together with his reservedness privacy and