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all rights reserved

A line usually included alongside original art or content that highlights the ownership of the material and forbids unauthorized reproduction, i.e., all rights and protections afforded by extant copyright law(s) are reserved by the author or owner. While I don't know if it gives me more legal protection, I feel better having "All Rights Reserved" below everything I write online.
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no rights reserved

Used to indicate that the holder of a copyright has chosen to make the work available to others without protections established by extant copyright law. The museum released thousands of images with a "no rights reserved" attribution, meaning anyone in the world can use the images for any purpose they like. Our company has been making free-to-use music samples for years. Everything we record is no rights reserved, so we encourage anyone and everyone to use them!
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reserve (something) for (someone or something)

1. To set aside, keep back, or save something for someone, something, or some future point or event. You should always reserve some of your income for an emergency. Sorry, I'm reserving this seat for a friend. Be sure to reserve a cup of the pasta's cooking water for your sauce.
2. To instruct or request for something to be set aside for someone, something, or some future point or event. I reserved a table for us at the restaurant tonight. We reserved the conference room for our meeting. I've reserved the bikes for the next three days.
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some rights reserved

A line usually included alongside original art or content that highlights the ownership of the material while indicating that the holder of a copyright has chosen to reserve some of the rights established by extant copyright law while waiving others. All of my photos are published on my personal website with a Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.
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....This editorial board, having reservedly supported the war in 2003, feels a moral responsibility to help fix this mess, not walk away from it.
Moreover, the geography of this revitalized genre is central to its more (reservedly) hopeful orientation; within the critical dystopia, a patchwork of alternative holdouts and enclaves preserves the possibility of futurity and collective resistance.
Neither are the benefits disputed by the majority of those who reacted sceptically and reservedly when Jacques Delors' Commission started the programme, in 1985, to relaunch the incomplete Common Market.
(66) His personal manner might be perceived as uncouth, crass, and generally awkward, nevertheless we are invited now to picture Huck Finn, the Penman, scrupulously and reservedly as well as respectfully and complimentarily composing an extended epistolary address (illustrated in the first American edition with a selvage image of the protagonist bowing exceedingly decorously to the audience).
Yet, by and large, federal courts construing the doctrine take care to apply these exceptions reservedly, so that the exceptions do not overwhelm the rule and upset the critical finality it imparts to arbitral awards.
(1) While Dutton reservedly speculates that Shakespeare had a literary sense of his own work even though "not the same sense that Jonson had, and not one that envisaged the same (print) readership" (83-84), Erne argues that the "evolving history of interaction between performance and print" does not begin with Jonson, but can be traced back at least as far as the 1590 octavo edition of Marlowe's Tamburlaine" (33).
Books must be read as deliberately and reservedly as they were written.
But with the exception of the exchanges involving the shamefully entertaining Atkins and the reservedly insinuating Byrue, even the sharper dialogue falls somewhat flat.
The auctioneer's voice, clear but scarcely lifted, intoned the virtues of his magnificent merchandise as other voices, responding to his magic, spoke reservedly of figures, "A thousand guineas ...
His face contorted into a myopic grin and he clapped, not in the manic manner of an Alex Ferguson but reservedly in the way of his countrymen.
For those who don't know, Dexter is the man, and I use that term reservedly, who killed his girlfriend, 32-year-old Sharon Franklin, in Chapel End last year.
Smiling and nodding to him reservedly, I am afraid that his revelation is only halfway reached, since it is always easy for an outsider to succumb and hard to stand firm in such a dominant culture.
Bush, who has said repeatedly that the fight against terrorism is a prime goal of his administration, appeared to concede to Israeli arguments for the fence, if reservedly. To ensure Israeli security, he said, terrorist organisations first had to be uprooted; Bush said he hoped that "in the long term, a fence would be irrelevant".
(152) The states' responses were varied, with the Victorian and Queensland Premiers reservedly supporting the proposals, while others, particularly the Western Australian and New South Wales Premiers, opposed it to varying degrees.
You quickly go from reservedly tapping your feet to tunes such as Everybody Needs Somebody, to unashamedly dancing and singing to classics such as Soul Man and Jailhouse Rock.