reserve for

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reserve (something) for (someone or something)

1. To set aside, keep back, or save something for someone, something, or some future point or event. You should always reserve some of your income for an emergency. Sorry, I'm reserving this seat for a friend. Be sure to reserve a cup of the pasta's cooking water for your sauce.
2. To instruct or request for something to be set aside for someone, something, or some future point or event. I reserved a table for us at the restaurant tonight. We reserved the conference room for our meeting. I've reserved the bikes for the next three days.
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reserve something for someone or something

to save or set aside something for someone or something. I am reserving this seat for Claire. We are reserving some of the cake for tomorrow.
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Government payments are typically originated by federal agencies through the Treasury Department's Financial Management Service (FMS), which in turn delivers payment instructions to the Federal Reserve for subsequent delivery to banks or processors.
Small banks, especially those in remote locations, depend more heavily on the Federal Reserve for check collection than do big banks in larger cities.
Although it is difficult to quantify results in this area, it is important to note that the federal law enforcement community looks toward, and relies on, the Federal Reserve for assistance and guidance with respect to money laundering matters.
By temporarily selling some of its foreign currency holdings to the Federal Reserve for dollars through warehousing, the ESF was able to continue to purchase foreign currencies even after it had exhausted its initial dollar resources.
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