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resemble (someone or something) in (some manner or aspect)

To bear a resemblance to or seem quite like someone or something in some particular aspect, manner, or regard. It certainly resembles a classic '80s action film in its aesthetic and tone, but because it's being approximated, it just doesn't manage to feel authentic. A lot of people say I resemble my mother in my hard-headed resolve, which I always take as a compliment. He actually resembles the famous president in his peculiar manner of speaking.
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resemble someone or something in something

to look or seem like someone or something. You resemble my Uncle Herman in the way you walk. This resembles vanilla ice cream in flavor, but not in consistency.
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Usually, the clothes are imported and might have been used by a foreign army but putting a finger on the specific unit is a major hurdle class="MsoNormalThe IG ordered all police officers to arrest civilians found wearing clothes that resemble police or military attire, but it seems there is no legal backing to expedite this order.
Rachel Alexandra and her foal, reported to resemble her
A winning lottery ticket does not closely resemble either capital or ordinary income.
Schools have been adding retail establishments such as Starbucks and food-court staples like Chick-fil-A for years, but this new movement is transforming all dining halls, including those operated by the university or an outsourced company, into establishments that resemble off-campus eateries.
White: Five, 1962, resembles a piece of paneling; the bracing at the rear makes it clear that, like a piece of paper, it has a front and a back.
The cedar will weather to a delicate silvery grey, but the light has a slightly different effect on the vertical and horizontal boards, so that the skin will eventually resemble a piece of worn fabric with subtly contrasting textures.
Premature harvesting of the leaves produces a long, thin leaf that resembles a needle and yields an incredibly subtle tea.
The cellular structure of some salivary duct carcinomas also resembles that of prostatic adenocarcinomas.
Dawnsong!'s sweep also resembles the epic history of Pablo Neruda's Canto General.
Hovind, who runs a "creation science" group in Pensacola, Fla., reportedly has no credentials in science but does have graduate degrees in "Christian education" from Patriot University, an institution Michael described as a place that "more resembles a split-level home than a place of higher learning." Hovind's main claim to fame is that he wrote several anti-evolution comic books for notorious fundamentalist tract publisher Jack Chick.
The viceroy butterfly is protected from predatory birds because it resembles a monarch butterfly.
This is bare bones." First-time lead Colin Farrell, who resembles a dark, kittenish Brad Pitt, clearly doesn't need any touching up to be model-gorgeous: He singlehandedly makes the film resemble Abercombie & Fitch Goes to Vietnam.
An employment audit resembles a government investigation; therefore, should the EEOC or DOL or some other government agency come calling, the employer is already prepared.
The actual sequence and method of dissection resembles that laid out in the early fourteenth-century Anatomia of Mondino de' Liuzzi.
They point out, however, that "both office politics and financial markets often bear more resemblance to primitive, tribal behavior than to the sanitized Protestant work ethic." Three working hypotheses inform their analysis of the modern marketplace: (1) the economic phenomenon of competition resembles the religious phenomena of idolatry; (2) the behavior of both financial markets and office politics resembles primitive sacrificial rites; and (3) both of these phenomena are related to "the Management Complex."