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resemble (someone or something) in (some manner or aspect)

To bear a resemblance to or seem quite like someone or something in some particular aspect, manner, or regard. It certainly resembles a classic '80s action film in its aesthetic and tone, but because it's being approximated, it just doesn't manage to feel authentic. A lot of people say I resemble my mother in my hard-headed resolve, which I always take as a compliment. He actually resembles the famous president in his peculiar manner of speaking.
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resemble someone or something in something

to look or seem like someone or something. You resemble my Uncle Herman in the way you walk. This resembles vanilla ice cream in flavor, but not in consistency.
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In his second premiere, nodrog doggo, seven males with lights attached to their hands resembled a wedge of motorcyclists on a nighttime foray.
The visitors strolled between the walls of the rectangular structures, which resembled half-demolished houses - the aftereffects of a disaster.
The first, and most obvious, was that of dressing people up as lampshades or something of that kind so that they did not even look like people but resembled animated blobs or the like.
Heberer suspects that he and Stan would have missed the drug if it hadn't resembled a common pesticide.
This construction resembled the primal-screaming booths used by Bly's initiates to transform them from brow-beaten weaklings into virile men; but, in fact, the openings were too small to enter or exit: an adjustment suggesting the futility of such activities.
Loope and his colleagues propose that the richest fossil site in Mongolia once resembled the Sand Hills region of northern Nebraska, a rolling landscape of giant dunes covered with meadows and wetlands that support a rich assortment of wildlife.
In his recent show, Stephen Ellis' spare abstractions evoked various states of architectural and photographic decay, creating illogical spaces and surfaces that sometimes resembled images degraded into abstraction by excessive replication.
But the Israeli sites lie in the Jordan Rift Valley, where the mix of lakes and woodlands would have resembled the African ecology familiar to the ancient travelers, he contends.
The resulting pattern, despite the planners' goals, resembled the physicists' prediction.
Woodward did not construct an evolutionary tree to check how closely the bone DNA segments resembled human DNA, because, he says, the strands are too short for meaningful phylogenetic tests.
The resulting undulating motion would have resembled the way modern manta rays swim.