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resemble (someone or something) in (some manner or aspect)

To bear a resemblance to or seem quite like someone or something in some particular aspect, manner, or regard. It certainly resembles a classic '80s action film in its aesthetic and tone, but because it's being approximated, it just doesn't manage to feel authentic. A lot of people say I resemble my mother in my hard-headed resolve, which I always take as a compliment. He actually resembles the famous president in his peculiar manner of speaking.
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resemble someone or something in something

to look or seem like someone or something. You resemble my Uncle Herman in the way you walk. This resembles vanilla ice cream in flavor, but not in consistency.
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The hearing of the case was adjourned to May 28.On January 30, Mr Boinnet ordered the arrest of civilians wearing clothes that resemble military or police uniforms.The former IG said that incidents of civilians wearing replicas of such uniforms was creating confusion as wananchi could not distinguish genuine police officers from civilians.
have undergone reconstructive surgery to resemble her, as well.
"I am thrilled by the good news of Rachel's safe delivery and health of the handsome colt who resembles her," said Barbara Banke, whose late husband Jess Jackson campaigned both Rachel Alexandra and Curlin.
The production of the Viewt prompted other carmakers to modify the March into vehicles that resemble some particular classic cars.
A winning lottery ticket does not closely resemble either capital or ordinary income.
Just as schools grow their residential dining options to resemble retail, they are also attracting new commercial operations onto campus.
The epithelial cells usually resemble those in nonkeratinizing squamous epithelium; less commonly, they resemble columnar gland-like cells with a clear cytoplasm, and in rare cases they resemble duct-like structures.
Viruses or worms that are spread undetected but are activated at a later date (as was the case with the Michelangelo virus, discovered in 1991 and still around) resemble latent microbes, such as HIV.
The columnist noted that the site argues that dinosaurs may still be alive today and even claims to have photos, although as Michael mentioned, "Most of these prehistoric creatures resemble a cross between Pete's Dragon and a sock puppet, a testament to the science-fiction B-films of yesteryear."
Some bugs are camouflaged by disguise--they resemble their surroundings.
This is bare bones." First-time lead Colin Farrell, who resembles a dark, kittenish Brad Pitt, clearly doesn't need any touching up to be model-gorgeous: He singlehandedly makes the film resemble Abercombie & Fitch Goes to Vietnam.
In the first stage of cancer, initiation, a cell's DNA is damaged through mutation, causing a differentiated cell to resemble an immature one, in effect reversing the process of differentiation.
The white paper tubes - said to resemble large hand-rolled cigarettes - containing Pyrodex were found on a factory roof in Darlaston, Walsall.
On an Intranet, the interface to the patient accounting svstem will resemble the interface to the order-entry, results-reporting system, which will resemble the interface to the laboratory system and the computer-based patient record.
The nursing station area was remodeled to resemble the dining area of a home, largely by replacing the nursing station with a table.