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resemble someone or something in something

to look or seem like someone or something. You resemble my Uncle Herman in the way you walk. This resembles vanilla ice cream in flavor, but not in consistency.
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If the property more closely resembles a capital asset, it is capital; if it more closely resembles ordinary income property, it is ordinary income.
WHILE ANTI-DRINKING MESSAGES ARE PERVADING CAMPUSES, SOME schools want to be able to vend alcohol at on-campus facilities--particularly as more venues resemble retail establishments--and draw not just students but staff, faculty, and alumni.
Current protection programs mainly resemble innate immunity, but programs that learn from exposure (thus resembling adaptive immunity) are under development.
reportedly has no credentials in science but does have graduate degrees in "Christian education" from Patriot University, an institution Michael described as a place that "more resembles a split-level home than a place of higher learning.
These effects resemble those of chemical cancer promoters.
It is possible that in the next millennium, the typical American physician will more resemble an engineer, who is employed in a large corporation that is managed by non-engineers--often by experts in finance.
Sedgwick's frontier novel finally resembles the romances of Cooper, Simms, and Bird in that it "allows the Indians to fade peacefully from the vision of [the] text" (75).
In this respect, private market lenders, which are mainly life insurance companies, resemble banks more than they resemble buyers of publicly issued corporate debt.
Dogs and wolves resemble each other more than either resemble rabbits, for instance.
13), there has been speculation as to whether these materials would resemble typical thermoplastics or would be elastomeric.
However, we learned some surprising tidbits about Americans' Thanksgiving preferences - from the preferred person cooking the meal to which TV family they most resemble during the holiday.
According to Dale Purves, director of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, the notes in "Jingle Bells" resemble patterns in excited talking, while the notes in "We Three Kings" resembled patterns in subdued talking.
Arena League games are contested in rooms the size of rap stars' kitchenettes (source - the show ``Cribs''), and defense is such an afterthought that final tallies resemble two people comparing credit scores.
The wires resemble fish bones but also echo primitive metallic antennae, and the work as a whole is expressive but elegantly designed.
While for casual observers Shanghai has come to resemble Hong Kong, it feels its true rival is Beijing, still China's undisputed cultural and political capital.