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bear a resemblance to (someone or something)

To share similarities, especially in appearance, with someone or something else. Wow, you really bear a resemblance to your mother! I was about to call you by her name. These two pieces of music certainly bear a resemblance to each other—it's a little suspicious, if you ask me.
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bear a resemblance to someone or something

to have a degree of similarity to someone or something. This wallet bears a strong resemblance to the one I lost last month. Do you think that Wally bears any resemblance to his sister Mary?
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This projects implements a particular approach in measuring image resemblance called Perceptual Systems Approach, based on Near Sets Theory where image resemblance is viewed as a form of nearness between sets of perceptual objects.
The notion of family resemblance marks an important shift between the view endorsed in the Tractatus and Wittgenstein's later thought.
Questioned about the similarities, Schott, who has recently been contributing freelance work to The Times, said that he had never read Fadiman's essay before it was brought to his attention, also by a reader of the Book Review, and suggested that the thematic resemblances were a coincidental result of the narrowness of the topic.
And to have resemblances and differences and echoes across several centuries and one mountain range reverberate in our memories as they must have reverberated in Manet's.
This book is about resemblances and differences, modeling, imitating, shadows, and doubles.
Locke asserts that "the Ideas of primary Qualities of Bodies, are Resemblances of them, and their Patterns do really exist in the Bodies themselves; But the Ideas, produced in us by these Secondary Qualities, have no resemblance of them at all.
However, Kenneth Carpenter of the Denver Museum of Natural History, who is also studying the new dinosaurs, contends that the resemblances appear to be superficial.
An account of what it is by virtue of which a representation-bearer has the content it does cannot itself say what makes certain resemblances (for example) content-conferring resemblances.
39) The discovery of resemblances and repetitions pervading the order of things attested, according to Foucault, to a "universe folded in upon itself.
The researchers also concede that resemblances could lie in characteristics not captured in photographs.
Moving from visual to textual fields, it is significant that the words we use as a common medium of communication bear no pictographic resemblances to the objects or concepts they represent.
Of course, the existence of resemblances depends on our ability to recognize them--an ability that the individual works provoke in invasive and subtle ways.
Saying that a number of things are white only in that they resemble a particular white thing leaves a number of resemblances to that white thing, each of them constituting the holding of the same relation to the paradigm, qualifying that resemblance relation as a universal.
The close resemblances between several Burgess Shale organisms and some Ediacaran ones leads Conway Morris to suggest that at least some members of the early group were indeed animals that survived into the Cambrian period.
Not merely tokens of a postmodern self-consciousness about art history, these unexpected resemblances are yet another means by which Hernandez keeps us on our toes, leaving us feeling not quite sure of what criteria we're meant to use in examining his pictures.