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blue-sky research

Research that is done without a particular end or application in mind. We don't have time for blue-sky research right now—we need to focus on finishing and releasing this app.
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research into (someone or something)

To gather and study a large or dense amount of information about someone or something. We've been researching into our ancestors. One of them was on the first boat to ever come to America! Scientists are researching into ways to treat cancer through gene therapy.
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research into someone or something

to study about someone or something thoroughly. I decided that I would research into Queen Elizabeth. We researched into the period in which she lived.
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blue-sky research

research that is not directed towards any immediate or definite commercial goal.
1997 New Scientist Bell Labs and IBM are well known for blue-sky research. They have people who are paid just to sit around and think—not about products.
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To the experienced scientific investigator, most of the noted categories of deficiencies or research errors are self-explanatory (i.e., methodology, design, statistical analysis, etc.) However, to avoid misinterpretation and to facilitate a common frame of reference, the writers present a short description and explanation of those deficiencies for which all researches may not be familiar or that represent special NIDRR criteria that traditionally may not be considered in analysis of research protocols.