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blue-sky research

Research that is done without a particular end or application in mind. We don't have time for blue-sky research right now—we need to focus on finishing and releasing this app.
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research into (someone or something)

To gather and study a large or dense amount of information about someone or something. We've been researching into our ancestors. One of them was on the first boat to ever come to America! Scientists are researching into ways to treat cancer through gene therapy.
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research into someone or something

to study about someone or something thoroughly. I decided that I would research into Queen Elizabeth. We researched into the period in which she lived.
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blue-sky research

research that is not directed towards any immediate or definite commercial goal.
1997 New Scientist Bell Labs and IBM are well known for blue-sky research. They have people who are paid just to sit around and think—not about products.
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The pre-service teachers found some aspects of the task challenging initially, for example, identifying a researchable question that could be approached from all four learning areas.
Refinement of the review process with input from the WG members identified studies that met the baseline criteria for inclusion, addressed one or more of the researchable questions, and covered topic areas that had either not been addressed in the previous version of this CPG or had been included but not fully developed.
He further said that PARB's efforts in prioritizing researchable issues are highly appreciable and methodologically sound
The second section, 'What can developed countries learn from developing countries?', discusses the researchable questions and lessons that have emerged post crisis, grouped into four set of issues: transformation, opportunities, risk, and results (TORR).
There is some discussion of these aspects and some of the claims are somewhat substantiated in the chapter but some researchable topics also emerge.
Could it be that the low cost of GPS receivers has something to do with their popularity as a researchable device?
The identification of a worthy, researchable question is central for conducting a meaningful study.
(7) A healthy work environment is therefore necessary for health care providers in which they will be free to critique the principle of practice, maintain an inquiring mind, become cognizant of the research process, generate researchable ideas, assist in research, and incorporate research findings into practice when appropriate.
Boote and Beile (2005) argued that there is not enough attention paid to the importance of developing the skills and knowledge essential for the synthesis and analysis of existing studies in constructing quality literature reviews in doctoral programs, leaving many candidates unable to articulate clearly and frame a researchable question.
Often students' inquiry can be a great teachable moment as well as a "researchable moment." Today, even though much has been written about culturally responsive teaching, I am often surprised to find that the notion of culturally responsive teaching does not resonate with urban teachers and when it does, they do not know how to teach their specific subjects from that pedagogical stance.
Thynne also provides some useful "researchable questions" that need to be pursued in order to understand better the function of political and administrative leaders in the reform process.
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