research into

research into (someone or something)

To gather and study a large or dense amount of information about someone or something. We've been researching into our ancestors. One of them was on the first boat to ever come to America! Scientists are researching into ways to treat cancer through gene therapy.
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research into someone or something

to study about someone or something thoroughly. I decided that I would research into Queen Elizabeth. We researched into the period in which she lived.
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After earning her doctorate in 1989, Barth spent six years teaching at Harvard Business School before returning to Stanford, where her research into topics such as fair value accounting and the harmonization of international accounting led to an appointment to the 14-member International Accounting Standards Board in 2001.
Ultimately, these centers are expected to accelerate the application of knowledge derived from basic research into the clinical or public health setting with the goal of improving human health.
With finite resources, investigation into the causes of diseases like Parkinson's would take a back seat to clinical research into stem cell treatments.
At Fleming College, CITO's first-round funding supported research into ubiquitous location tracking using standard wireless technologies.
Cancer Research UK is Europe's leading cancer charity, dedicated to research into the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer.
Additional research into the precise interactions of viral gene expression and impaired of dysregulated immunity in cancer development and maintenance are required.
That model has never been tested empirically, and research into its effectiveness would establish (or negate) its validity and suggest additional elements that should be incorporated into library media specialists' efforts in this critical arena.
Further characterization of what constitutes the most optimal lifestyle habits and research into the specific mechanisms of genetic and nongenetic aspects of aging will contribute not only to the development of specific lifestyle and pharmacologic interventions, they will also likely lead to gene therapy to optimize the likelihood that given individuals will age "successfully." Thus, a conceptual breakthrough that will be expanded and further defined in the foreseeable future is the distinction of successful aging from normal or usual aging.
For More Information on Research into the Brain, Behavior, and Mental Disorders
Research into alternative process technologies which increase cast component design applications, reduce foundries' environmental risks, improve metal yield and decrease casting manufacturing costs is important.
"For the most part, teacher-education programs have been too short or limited to build research into them, unlike four-year medical programs." Although Goodlad is too polite to say so, many teacher trainees are among the least capable of college graduates and are thus less equipped to grapple with the intellectual challenges of scientific research.
There is a fairly broad recognition of the failure of isolated R&D labs--campuses on the hill--to translate their research into tangible benefits.
The idea is to discourage "salami science," the practice of breaking research into the "lowest publishable units." Some institutions--particularly state universities, where "publication is seen as the road to respectability," in the words of Harvard education professor Vito Perrone-are likely to resist.
Energy: Funding for research into conservation and renewable energy sources -- such as innovative lighting technologies, photovoltaics and biofuels -- suffered greatly under the Reagan administration, which contended such projects were best left to the private sector.
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