research into

research into (someone or something)

To gather and study a large or dense amount of information about someone or something. We've been researching into our ancestors. One of them was on the first boat to ever come to America! Scientists are researching into ways to treat cancer through gene therapy.
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research into someone or something

to study about someone or something thoroughly. I decided that I would research into Queen Elizabeth. We researched into the period in which she lived.
See also: research
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Ultimately, these centers are expected to accelerate the application of knowledge derived from basic research into the clinical or public health setting with the goal of improving human health.
At Fleming College, CITO's first-round funding supported research into ubiquitous location tracking using standard wireless technologies.
The college received two government research grants: one for an automated facility for research into this kind of automated manufacturing; and one for research in built environment.
For More Information on Research into the Brain, Behavior, and Mental Disorders
Garte argued that the racial genetic paradox could be resolved by research into the role of natural selection pressure on population-specific differences in allele frequency.
In discussing the tension between environmental exposure and genetic susceptibility with respect to environmental risk and disease causation, several conference speakers expressed concern that research into disease causation, and the policy applications of that research, would focus disproportionately on genetic factors with inadequate emphasis on environmental factors, particularly those associated with environmental exposures.
Conference participants expressed concern that research into gene-environment interactions in disease causation may inadvertently shift public perception of what causes disease from environmental factors to genetic factors, echoing historically racist pseudoscientific arguments about "bad genes.
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