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come to (someone's) rescue

To help someone in trouble. The phrase can be used for both serious and trivial situations. Thank goodness the lifeguard came to my rescue; otherwise, I might have drowned! Thanks for the notes! You totally came to my rescue after I missed so many classes.
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rescue from (someone or something)

1. To liberate or deliver someone or something from a dangerous or threatening person, thing, place, or situation. A noun or pronoun is used between "rescue" and "from." She managed to rescue the hostages from the gunman without anyone getting hurt. The government sent their best agents to rescue the wounded soldiers from the enemy prison.
2. To liberate someone from legal custody or imprisonment by forcible means. A noun or pronoun is used between "rescue" and "from." The cartel rescued the crime boss from the federal prison by blasting through the rear wall with dynamite. We'll rescue him from the sheriff when they move him from the courthouse to the county jail.
3. To cause someone to no longer have to deal with an undesirable person or situation. Give me a call if you need me to come rescue you from the dinner party. My friends and I have a signal we give when one of us needs to be rescued from some jerk at the bar.
4. To save something from an undesirable situation or outcome. The huge investment rescued the company from bankruptcy. The consultants are trying to rescue the project from the various mismanagement it has seen since its inception.
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come to (someone's or something's) rescue

to rescue or save someone or something. The paramedics came to our rescue at once. A big donor came to the college's rescue.
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rescue someone or something from someone or something

to save or liberate someone or something from someone or something. I hoped that someone would come and rescue me from this boring person. Nothing can rescue us from the ravages of time.
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The police departments of Quezon City and Manila both tallied 224 beggars rescued, while the Southern Police Department recorded 68 rescued indigenous.
rescues--adding to her "family" of two other dogs, two rescued cats and a pet-friendly husband.
"I'd sure want to know that I'm going to be rescued if I'm in trouble," he says.
Rawalpindi Rescue-1122 rescued total 2788 victims of emergencies during last month responding to 2966 emergency calls which included 991 road traffic accidents, 1408 medical emergencies, 210 fire emergencies, 84 crime calls, four drowning, two explosions and 267 other emergencies.
Divisional Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 Bahawalpur Malik Asif Rahim Channar said while briefing about the performance of Rescue 1122 that in the year 2018 Motorbike Ambulance Service dealt with 10,022 emergencies and rescued 10,045 persons and their average response time remained three minutes.
LAHORE -- A year-end meeting was held in the city to review the performance of Punjab Emergency Service which revealed the number of people rescued by Rescue 1122 in different emergencies during 2017.
A man was rescued and airlifted to hospital after being injured near a waterfall in Snowdonia yesterday.
On Friday dated 6th November, morale of the rescuers touched the sky when enthusiastic rescuers rescued one alive victim named Mohammad Shahid, 25, hailing from Khanewal.
"People should always call 999 for any emergency or when they are in need to be rescued", he noted.
"It's a great way to get more pets rescued, get new funding to rescues and shelters and for local businesses to gain new customers.
Newly-published figures have revealed the incredible menagerie of animals rescued by fire crews in South Wales over the past four years, including everything from snakes to swans, and falcons to ferrets.
TWO canoeists were rescued from a river last night as attempts were made to save two more who were trapped.
MORE than 130 sheep had to be rescued by firefighters after the River Tame burst its banks in south Staffordshire.
On 25 January, two MH-60S helicopters attached to HC-6 and HC-8 stationed at NAS Norfolk, Va., rescued all crewmembers from an MH-53 of HM-14 that crashed thirty miles off the coast of NAS Oceana.
New RAF figures reveal that more people were rescued in 1997 - despite a drop in the total number of call-outs.