rescue from

rescue someone or something from someone or something

to save or liberate someone or something from someone or something. I hoped that someone would come and rescue me from this boring person. Nothing can rescue us from the ravages of time.
See also: rescue
References in classic literature ?
To look at your wry face, one would think that our rescue from the Arctic regions was a downright misfortune.
The county Fire Department's swift-water rescue team helped stranded motorists escape landslides and a road collapse in San Francisquito Canyon, responded to reports of youths on boogie boards at Vista Valencia Golf Course and arrested a man who tried to evade rescue from the roiling Castaic Creek.
Thanks to the Dorafshars, who run New Leash on Life Animal Rescue from their home in Woodland Hills, Juliet can now recover at their home and wait for a new family to adopt her.
Justin Lisonbee, 19, was alert and in good condition after a tedious rescue from the confines of a 1-foot-wide trench dug to replace a sewer line in front of a Canyon Country home.