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come to (one's) rescue

To help someone in trouble. The phrase can be used for both serious and trivial situations. Thank goodness the lifeguard came to my rescue; otherwise, I might have drowned! Thanks for the notes! You totally came to my rescue after I missed so many classes.
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come to the rescue

To provide aid to someone or something in danger or difficulty. Thank goodness the lifeguard came to the rescue. I thought I was going to drown! Several financial institutions would have been facing total collapse had the government not come to the rescue.
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rescue from (someone or something)

1. To liberate or deliver someone or something from a dangerous or threatening person, thing, place, or situation. A noun or pronoun is used between "rescue" and "from." She managed to rescue the hostages from the gunman without anyone getting hurt. The government sent their best agents to rescue the wounded soldiers from the enemy prison.
2. To liberate someone from legal custody or imprisonment by forcible means. A noun or pronoun is used between "rescue" and "from." The cartel rescued the crime boss from the federal prison by blasting through the rear wall with dynamite. We'll rescue him from the sheriff when they move him from the courthouse to the county jail.
3. To cause someone to no longer have to deal with an undesirable person or situation. Give me a call if you need me to come rescue you from the dinner party. My friends and I have a signal we give when one of us needs to be rescued from some jerk at the bar.
4. To save something from an undesirable situation or outcome. The huge investment rescued the company from bankruptcy. The consultants are trying to rescue the project from the various mismanagement it has seen since its inception.
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come to (someone's or something's) rescue

to rescue or save someone or something. The paramedics came to our rescue at once. A big donor came to the college's rescue.
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rescue someone or something from someone or something

to save or liberate someone or something from someone or something. I hoped that someone would come and rescue me from this boring person. Nothing can rescue us from the ravages of time.
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They might, more contentiously, argue that if we deny any chance of rescue for those in the smaller group on grounds of simple summing of rescuable lives, then we fail to accord due respect for the value of individual persons; we illegitimately treat them merely as fungible placeholders for utility.
-- whose impact is not negligible: notions such as disaster, nihilism, "crude economic realism," our being beyond "enchantment," a lyricism rescuable only via disillusion, et cetera.
They are committed to seeing women as helpless victims, rescuable only by the benevolent actions of the all-powerful though despicable male.
Blimps are retrieving rescuable, i.e., not-too-heavy, heroes.
In any case, why should those in the society who manage the process of organ procural and disbursement not empathize sequentially with all who might be saved, thereby letting the numbers of real, equally invaluable rescuable persons build up to turn their decision?
The sad Chinese, poor China are we even rescuable?"