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moonlight requisition

A stealthy, inconspicuous theft committed in the middle of the night. I'm planning a midnight requisition to recover the documents from his vault that I'll need to prove my right to the inheritance. It looks like someone made a midnight requisition of my bike. I knew I shouldn't have left it out here overnight.

requisition for (something)

1. noun A formal order, request, or demand for something. Submit a requisition of funding to the accounting department. The government has made a requisition for the suspect extradition from Columbia to be tried in US courts.
2. verb To make a formal order, request, or demand to acquire something for the use or purpose of someone or something. A noun or pronoun is used between "requisition" and "for." I'll try to requisition some additional resources for you. We'll need to requisition more staff for the even next week.
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requisition from (someone or something)

1. noun A formal order, request, or demand from someone or some group. I'm forwarding on a requisition from our legal team. The details of everything we need will be contained therein. I received a requisition from one of the regional managers for an increase in staff.
2. verb To make a formal order, request, or demand for something to be provided by someone or some group. A noun or pronoun is used between "requisition" and "from." I'll try to requisition some additional resources for you. We'll need to requisition more staff for the even next week.
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requisition to (do something)

1. noun A formal order, request, or demand to do something. The military issued a requisition to authorize the use of deadly force in the region. I submitted a number of requisitions to have my funding increased.
2. verb To formally order, request, or demand for someone or some group to do something. A noun or pronoun is used between "requisition" and "to." We are requisitioning the government to provide more emergency workers to the regions affected by the hurricanes. I requisitioned the company to cover the expenses I incurred during my time abroad.
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requisition something for someone or something

to present an order or formal request for something for someone or some purpose. I will have to requisition a desk for you. You can't work an eight-hour day at a table. We will requisition catering for the office party.
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requisition something from someone or something

to send an order or formal request to someone or something for something. The general requisitioned food and bedding from the supply depot. We requisitioned a new bookcase from central supply.
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moonlight requisition

n. a nighttime theft. (see also liberate.) It took a moonlight requisition to get the medicine we needed.
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The sources said under rule 218 of the Senate regulations, only public issues could be discussed during a session convened through a requisition.
Read: Senate raises objection over requisition of session
It had also urged for a requisition of the Upper House session at the earliest.
In mid-May, shareholders Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Ltd and Smith & Williamson Nominees Ltd requisitioned a general meeting in May proposing the removal of Zorbas and Jones, and appoint new directors Nigel Burton, Trevor Brown and Daniel Smith.
It said the requisition that had been served on the company secretary on February 19 did not meet the legal requirements as provided under the KHA constitution and the Companies Act.
Once these changes are saved, this macro will now update and print a Material Requisition Form for each sales order listed on the Order List.
"Every year NFELC generates more than 20,000 requisitions for subordinate commands; the task to manage that [workload volume] and ensure correct receipt close-out is enormous," explained Cortez.
The current rules create followup actions too soon (the shipment is received without any action), do not identify some items that need followup (the depot shipped the item, but the supply system does not have ship status), and many requisitions remain in the TAR program for extended periods of time, which delays positive supply action.
Commit to hire the necessary project management team, in both the developer's and construction manager's office, to review, negotiate, and resolve change orders within 30 days so that they are paid in the next requisition cycle.
'The WRU board has considered the requisitions received from 13 clubs calling for an EGM and, in reviewing those requisitions, it has become apparent there is insufficient support for a motion of no confidence,' said a WRU statement.
The 1-877 project was the first to use maintenance data resident within the aircraft logbook (VFS Trace) to automatically create the required supply requisitions, eliminating the need for fleet maintenance and ordnance supply personnel to create and process over 11,000 requisitions annually.
At the time GAO conducted its reviews, the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force were not testing their automated requisition-processing systems to ensure that the systems were accurately reviewing and approving blanket order requisitions for compliance with restrictions on the sale of classified and controlled spare parts and operating in accordance with foreign military sales policies.
To compute the ACWT for stocked and nonstocked requisitions, begin by computing the CWT for each stocked item.